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Living Values Education
for Children and Young Adults Around the World
Educators involved in Living Values Education in more than 60 countries, welcome you to the website of the Association for Living Values Education International (ALIVE). We invite you to join us in this global endeavor to help students explore and develop positive values and move toward their potential. We hope you will join us in creating caring, respectful environments where students feel safe, want to learn, and live their values. The Living Values Education Program is effective in decreasing violence and bullying, and in creating safe, caring school climates which are conducive to quality learning.

ALIVE, ALIVE Associates and LVE Focal Points
Around the World Provide:
  • Professional development courses, seminars and workshops for educators.
    • Learn how to create a values-based atmosphere and facilitate exploration and development of values.

    Lebanon - These second grade girls shared their experiences with conflict resolution
    Lebanon - These second grade
    girls shared their experiences
    with conflict resolution
  • Classroom teaching materials, in particular an award-winning series of five books, Living Values Education Series, containing practical values activities and a range of methods for use by educators, facilitators, parents and caregivers to help children and young adults to explore and develop twelve widely-shared human values.

  • Educational resources for young people-at-risk
    There are resource books for children in difficult circumstances (street children), youth in need of drug rehabilitation, young offenders and children affected by war.

    The approach and lesson content of our educational resources are experiential, participatory and flexible, allowing – and encouraging – the materials to be adapted and supplemented according to varying cultural, social and other circumstances. The approach and materials may also be used systematically, and in alignment with the ten principles of The Living Values Education Approach, as the Living Values Education Program.
  • Consultation to government bodies, organizations, schools, teachers and parents on the creation of values-based learning environments and the teaching of values.

  • Provides this international website for Living Values Education. You may sign up for our newsletter as well as download selected materials, free of charge.
The LVE Vision
Living Values Education (LVE) is a way of conceptualizing education that promotes the development of values-based learning communities and places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of education. LVE emphasizes the worth and integrity of each person involved in the provision of education, in the home, school and community. In quality education, LVE supports the overall development of the individual and a culture of positive values in each society and throughout the world, believing that education is a purposeful activity designed to help humanity flourish.
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