Living Values Education For Parents

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Bringing Values Awareness To Our Children

Parents have the possibility to be the most valuable asset for any child, or the greatest detriment. From womb to our old age the experience we have with our parents has a lasting effect. Our parents laid down the foundation upon which we built our lives, the values and morals that are embedded in our foundation set the standard for how we live our lives, act with others around us and our environment.

Therefore, the relationship with our own children from the time of conception, through the womb to birth and every day beyond is a critical element in how a person develops. Our child is like a sponge absorbing every nuance, emotion that we express and also those we attempt to hide, everything we say to the child and others, and how they feel or witness us behaving. 

The Parents section of the website is devoted to providing opportunities for sharing, collectively exploring and entertaining a child, adapted to suit three ages of development. Books, stories and activities help us create deeper bonds, share values, helping our child to learn the difference between right and wrong. Everything we offer is designed for participation, interaction and relationship building between you and your child.

Furthermore, we invite parents to bring their stories to us, allowing us to extend them through this portal.  Please send your comments and experiences to us here by email.


In Living Values Education Activities for Children Ages 3-7, Ages 8-14, and Living Values Education Activities for Young Adults, reflective and imagining activities encourage students to access their own creativity and inner gifts. Communication activities teach students to implement positive, constructive social skills. Artistic activities, songs, and movement inspire students to express themselves while experiencing the value of focus. Game-like activities are thought provoking and fun; the discussion time that follows those activities helps students explore effects of different attitudes and behaviours. Other activities stimulate awareness of personal and social responsibility and, for older students, awareness of social justice. The development of self-esteem and tolerance continues throughout the exercises. Educators are encouraged to utilise their own rich heritage while integrating values into everyday activities and the curriculum.

Living Green Values Activities for Children and Young Adults "” Living Values Education leaders around the world are concerned about our Earth and her ocean.  We would like to offer educators, parents and youth facilitators around the world these Living Green Values materials with the hope that the stories and activities will be useful to you in educating children and young adults, families and communities to internalize the importance of living sustainable lives and caring for our planet.

LVEP Educator Training Guide "” This guide contains the content of sessions within regular Living Values Education Educator Workshops. Sessions include values awareness, creating a values-based atmosphere, and skills for creating such an atmosphere. Living Values Education's theoretical model and sample training agendas are included.