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The purpose of these pages are to demonstrate the diversity of Values activities that members around are engaged in.

It is ALIVE's desire to expose these amazing activities and where possible attract attention, support or funding assistance to the efforts being made to make the world a better place.

We encourage direct communication between potential supporters, financial sponsors and interested parties and our Values Country Associates and Focal Point members.

If you are seeking a worthy project to support and need recommendations for where a match might be made, please contact the relevent regional representative in Contact Us.


Some of our new Living Values projects emerging...

Opportunity in Bali - a "pay it forward" activity

Seeds of Kindness

In celebration of Earth Day and as a part of the Leadership class project for the one year students of Professional Program in Campuhan College, a nature theme event was held on the 22nd April. The annual fundraising event is organized by the students to offer scholarship for the students of next year's class.

The Batch 11 students are raising funds to help sponsor the next batch of students. It was a joyful event and a satisfying one, since everyone is enjoying the process and feeling grateful for what they have achieved in doing the work.

The students invite others to contribute to their efforts, bringing more young people to the Leadership programme. Any size of contribution gratefully accepted and adds to making a difference by "Paying it Forward".

Financial Contribution and Support most welcome: View

Contact (Ms) Putri aka Gung Tri Meiyani - putrimeiyani at

USA California... Living Values in Prison Makes a Difference

The "Living Values in Prison" 12 week workshop prepares offenders to become providers, leaders, and examples for their families and communities.

Roughly 130,000 individuals are incarcerated in the California Department of Correction, not only does California have one of the highest incarceration rate, nearly two-thirds of the 43,000 people released each year will return to prison within the first 3 years of their release. A factor in this high recidivism rate is a disconnection from values. Values are the guiding principles or compass that is always available to us if only we are willing to connect to them. What we value determines what life means to us and what action we will take.

"Living Values combines a unique blend of experiential activities and practical methodologies that address dynamic criminogenic needs, factors that contribute to and cause crime. For instance, irresponsibility, impulsiveness, poor behavior controls, and lack of remorse are factors in all crimes. The "Living Values in Prison" workshop addresses these factors and helps participants re-connect with and clarify their values, rebuilding self esteem through aligning them with the 12 Universal Values needed for pro-social living and a better world. Furthermore, it gives each participant a sense of community and a support network."

"The programme is based on the Living Values Self Reflection and Living Values activties ongoing with 8 -10 inmates joinging together one day a week for 12 weeks. Everyone finds benefit from what they discover about themselves and each other with meaningful and honest sharing and have every chance to demonstrate that they can be better people."

Course moderator, Kris Himmelberger

Kris Himmelberger"I would like to thank you in advance for the opportunity to inform you about our work. We look forward to having you join us in making the world a better, safer place."

Kris Himmelberger.

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Fields of Opportunity

Living Values Education Peace 8-14Getting Living Values materials in the hands of rural school teachers, orphanages, parents with children in displaced persons camps, incarcerated rights activists and aid workers in natural disaster areas... often just a few booklets circulating, offering playful activities can bring light and joy into the world of pain and suffering... exist in every aspect of humanity - with the homeless, street children, refugees, prison inmates, at risk youth, unseen village schools in so many countries.


Living Values Education Improving Facilitation SkillsAll it takes is a few dollars to supply the new range of Rainbow booklets (see Rainbow Booklet Library under Resources) - small amounts of funding for the inexpensive Rainbow Values Activity booklets make it easy for wider distribution of Values materials than ever before. We can create booklets to meet specific needs in few hours, send the files to our members and they can print locally and distribute where needed... a simple way to make a difference - "Spreading Seeds of Kindness". One 50 page booklet costs less than $4 in most countries.

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Support for Cameroon, Africa

Here in Cameroon we have a vision to bring Youth together harmoniously, living and participating in the community in a responsible way.

Our opportunity is to reach out to the young population in this region, training and sensitising them on the importance of values which will guide their actions, judgements, and attitudes. Through doing this we can help the youth become conscious of the values they possess, and appreciate their environment.

If we enable the young people to discover the need for personal values and the importance of these values in their decision making, let them discover how upholding their standards shapes their lives and the positive aspects of their culture, it will go a long way in helping them change their behaviour, encourage self-discipline and self esteem and ultimately they will reshape the quality of their society.

If these youths are well orientated and guided towards the future, and consequently a productive role is played, it will be a relief to the nation. The first stage of implementing a national plan would require training group leaders and teachers.

Our Specific Objectives.

  1. Training teams on values based education
  2. Bring schools to the awareness on values education
  3. Bringing awareness of the benefits of values education to Youths and cultural groups
  4. Opening radio and television to benefit of values education



Cameroon's teachers engaging the values process.

Living Values Education, Cameroon is seeking partnership with individuals and organisations with matching moral and ethical interest in fostering Peace and Respect at an Individual, Local and National level in this Region.

Our three year development plan and budget is available from: Mrs. Patricia Ndikum Awah - Click here to email