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Values Activities For Adults, Families and Groups 

Living Values Education Distance Values Activities provides an experience of value activities for Adults, Families and Groups to do at home, without requiring workshop attendance with or without certification depending on the degree of interaction. Several activities have been selected from each of the 12 value units featured in Living Values Education activities for Young Adults, along with additional material from Living Values Education Programme Educator Training Guide, to provide a Living Values Education Distance Values Activities to those who wish to explore their values in a personal, family or community environment.

Explore 12 values using practical, fun and enjoyable activities and awareness-building techniques, for which Living Values Education is known. These attractive downloadable booklets make Living Values Education accessible to adults, families and groups. Ideal for individuals, families, study groups, small groups at home and classroom application. All are available here to download free of charge for 'Self Print'.

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Level One

The materials for Living Values Education Distance Values Activities include:

Name: Living Values Education Distance Values Activities Course Book
Level: 1 - Entry for Beginners
Audience:  Individuals and Families
Duration: Own choice - recommended over 12 weeks
Cost: Free


  • Living Values Education Distance Values Activities For Individuals and Groups - a colourful 52-page Booklet - participation book of activities, drawn from Living Values Education for Young Adults.

  • Living Values Education Distance Personal Journal - a 97-page book will help you record each of the activities and give you something to look back on.

  • Living Values Education Self Reflection Booklet

  • Living Values Education Values-based Atmosphere Book (desktop & download version) or Values-based Atmosphere Book (phone version) - ALIVE invited contributions from all its Associates, all Focal Points for LVE and LVE practitioners about what a Values-based Atmosphere means for them in their work as educators: What is it? How can it be created and sustained? Where can it be found? What are its benefits? Why is it important? What impact does it have on my personal life, my attitude and mood in school? How does my personal life affect my work as a values-educator? What is the relationship between a values-based atmosphere and LVE activities? What difference does a values-based atmosphere make to academic performance? How does LVE and values-based atmosphere make a difference in the home, in classroom and school? How can teachers and parents learn to create a values-based atmosphere in workshops and classrooms?

    Responses from the LVE community have allowed us to just publish a beautiful 52-page book dedicated solely to LVE's approach to a Values-based Atmosphere. The book offers different perspectives from different teachers, trainers, practitioners and parents as they share their thoughts and experiences with LVE. It's a must read for everyone involved with education and also to all of us seeking to improve our own lives!

Distance activities for Groups and Individuals Distance Personal Journal Values Based Atmosphere Book



The documents for DFT Level Two and thereafter for DFT Level Three are sent to you to you on receipt and evaluation of the DFT Level One Self-Reflection and Personal Journal.

Level Two






Level Three


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