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Living Values Education Distance Programmes
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We recognise that people everywhere, in all circumstances of life, age and beliefs live from values at their core, this section is designed to bring you the ‘tools’ to discover and to uncover Values for yourself. How you choose to use them and extend them is your choice, and your imaginative process. The resources in this section allow you to engage activities directly yourself, among your family, friends, and colleagues or even students in the classroom or workplace. Through these activities we discover for ourselves the true meaning of values and the power that Values have to bring positive change into our lives.

Enjoy. For assistance contact us - click here to email - or your closest Associate or Focal Point found in the Contact Us section.

Distance Materials offered for Download:

How to - Study Group For Hosts Distance activities for Groups and Individuals Distance Personal Journal Distance Self-Reflection  Values-based Atmosphere Book Distance Facilitator Training Guide, Part 1 Distance Facilitator Training Guide, Part 2


Free Downloads The materials for Level One - Living Values Education Distance Values Activities Study include:

  • Living Values Education Distance Values Activities for Individuals and Groups - a colourful 52-page booklet - participation book of activities, drawn from Living Values Education for Young Adults.

  • Living Values Education Distance Personal Journal - a 97-page book will help you record each of the activities and give you something to look back on.

  • Living Values Education Distance 12 week Self-Reflection Booklet - Weekly values self-development questions - knowing yourself.

  • Living Values Education Values-based Atmosphere Book (desktop & download version) or Values-based Atmosphere Book (phone version) - ALIVE invited contributions from all its Associates, all Focal Points for LVE and LVE practitioners about what a Values-based Atmosphere means for them in their work as educators: What is it? How can it be created and sustained? Where can it be found? What are its benefits? Why is it important? What impact does it have on my personal life, my attitude and mood in school? How does my personal life affect my work as a values-educator? What is the relationship between a values-based atmosphere and LVE activities? What difference does a values-based atmosphere make to academic performance? How does LVE and values-based atmosphere make a difference in the home, in classroom and school? How can teachers and parents learn to create a values-based atmosphere in workshops and classrooms?

    Responses from the LVE community have allowed us to just publish a beautiful 52-page book dedicated solely to LVE’s approach to a Values-based Atmosphere. The book offers different perspectives from different teachers, trainers, practitioners and parents as they share their thoughts and experiences with LVE. It’s a must read for everyone involved with education and also to all of us seeking to improve our own lives!

  • Living Values Education Audio-Guided Meditations

Free Downloads  The materials for certificated Level Two and Three - Living Values Education Distance Facilitator Training include: Participation in Level One PLUS....

  • Living Values Education Distance Facilitator Training Course Overview and Schedule

  • On Application approval - Living Values Education Distance Facilitator Programme Application Form
    Please fill in and return to us by email, together with your completed Living Values Education Self Reflection booklet and Personal Journal showing the values you have chosen to explore during your 12 weeks - two activities each week.  We will then connect you to your national Associate or Focal Point or, if not available, you can work directly with us at ALIVE - Living Values Education Distance.

  • On Application approval - Living Values Education Facilitator Training Guide - Part One
    This 360 page Guide delivers all the techniques and skills required to feel confident to facilitate activities and workshops using the Living Values Education materials with community groups, schools, families, etc. The Guide provides professional advice, recommendations as to how to be a successful facilitator, something quite different from a teacher, in that a teacher puts information in, while a facilitator draws out our feelings and beliefs. You learn about ALIVE, Living Values history, the resources available to you and explore and get to know the website.
    Please note for casual use this book is available from Amazon. "For those who are enrolled in the Distance Facilitator Training, we send an ebook version of the LVE Training Guide at the commencement of Level Two."
  • On Application approval - Living Values Education Facilitator Training - Part Two - Evaluation Questions and Workshop Agenda

Free Downloads  The materials for Level Three - Living Values Education Distance Study Group include:

Living Values Education Values Reminder Cards at every level

The simple values cards - six per A4 page are used as reminders for what the values offer to us and we offer to the values.  Ideal for printing off and using one value each day for a week to remind ourselves of the treasure they can bring to our lives. The values cards are ideal for creating a point of focus in group situations, passing around and sharing with one another about what the particular value means to us, thus opening the doors for mutual discussion and self-discovery.

Free Downloads  Download Values Cards



Created specifically for those desiring to share Living Values activities who do not have access to formal values print resources or access to Living Values Education Associates and Trainers.