Peace • Love • Respect • Responsibility • Tolerance • Honesty • Humility • Happiness • Cooperation • Simplicity • Freedom • Unity


Values representation artwork drawn by Aristana from Karuna Bali Media Production department, Ubud, Indonesia.


In addition to illustrating the meaning of values, the Reflection Points offer a values perspective, one of valuing the dignity and worth of each human being.

Age group: 8-14 years

  • Freedom resides within the mind and heart.
  • Freedom is a precious gift.
  • There can be full freedom when rights are balanced with responsibilities.
  • There is full Freedom when everyone has equal rights.
  • All people have a right to be free. For all to be free, each one has to respect the rights of others.
  • Inner freedom is experienced when I have positive thoughts for all, including myself.

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Age group: Young Adults

  • Freedom resides within the mind and heart.
  • People want the freedom to live a life of purpose, to select freely a lifestyle in which they and their children can grow healthily and can flourish through the work of their hands, head and hearts.
  • Freedom can be understood mistakenly to be a vast and unlimited umbrella which gives permission to "do what I like, to whom ever I like." That concept is misleading and a misuse of choice.
  • True freedom is exercised and experienced when parameters are defined and understood. Parameters are determined by the principle that everyone has equally the same rights. For example, the right to peace, happiness, and justice, regardless of religion, culture or gender are innate.
  • To violate the rights of one or more in order to free oneself, family or nation is a misuse of freedom. That kind of misuse usually backfires, eventually imposing a condition of constraint, and in some cases, oppression for the violated and the violator.
  • Full freedom functions only when rights are balanced with responsibilities and choice is balanced with conscience.
  • Inner freedom is to be free from confusion and complications within the mind, intellect and heart that arise from negativity.
  • Inner freedom is experienced when I have positive thoughts for all others and for myself.
  • Freedom is an ongoing process. How can we create and maintain it?
  • Self transformation begins the process of world transformation. The world will not be free from war and injustice until individuals themselves are set free.
  • The most potent power to put an end to internal and external wars is the human conscience. Any act of freedom, when aligned with the human conscience is liberating, empowering and enabling.

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