Living Values Education Distance Groups

Living Values Education Distance Programmes
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For Groups - Community, Friends, Workplace, Classroom

Living Values Education Distance Groups - for the community or workplace environment, and for implementation in every class room, wherever groups of people come together.

The purpose is to bring small groups of people together. Using the Living Values Education Home Study anyone can host their own group. Previous interaction or facilitation with Values not required. These guidelines explain all the "how to and how not to’s" for hosting your own effective and successful group. Study groups are for people of all ages.

Perhaps through this experienced you will be inspired to join with us and the hundreds of Living Values Education facilitators in over 30 countries through formal Facilitator training.

Name: Living Values Education Distance Groups
Level: 2 - Entry for Groups
Audience:     Groups - community, friends, workplace, classroom
Duration: Own choice - recommended over 12 weeks
Cost: Free


Free Downloads  Free Downloads
The materials for Living Values Education Distance Groups include:

Distance Home Study Distance Personal Journal Distance Self-Reflection How to - Study Group For Hosts


Start a Living Values Education Study Group - for the community or workplace environment, and ideal for implementation in any school classroom.