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Representative to ALIVE: Ellen Luna
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2005 July

Living Values Education Program was introduced in the Philippines in 1999, with the Philippine Montessori Center first implementing the program. The first LVEP Educator Training was conducted in November of the same year.

A new phase of Living Values Education began in 2003, with the collaborative effort of the Coalition for Better Education (CBE), the Archdiocese of Cebu through its Superintendent for Catholic Schools, the Institute for Peace and Values Centered Leadership (IPVCL), the Federation of PTAs of Cebu Catholic Schools (FPTACCS) and Brahma Kumaris. The partnership among these institutions has given birth to ALIVE, Advocates for Living Values Education, Inc. ALIVE is officially registered with Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippines. Their work is currently primarily centered in Cebu City, Southern Philippines. With the active cooperation, zeal, enthusiasm and interest of these organizers, a strong foundation of LVEP in Cebu City is established.

The ALIVE team has given many LVEP Educator Trainings, which are listed below. One outgrow of training about 400 practice teachers (4th year college students) of Cebu Normal University was that they organized themselves to conduct follow-ups and generate updates. They elected their own officers and called themselves ACTIVE, the Association of Concerned Teachers in Values Education, Cebu.

A Review - Facts and Figures
LVEP Educator Trainings

Dec. 16-18, 2003 Cebu Normal University 30 educators from 12 schools
May 20-22, 2004 University of Southern Philippines 29 educators from 10 schools
May 24-26, 2004 Ecotech Center, Lahug 20 trainees from 8 schools
June 2-4, 2004 Cebu Institute of Technology 62 high school teachers
June 19-21, 2004 Bantayan Southern Institute 43 teachers and women advocates of Women?s Action Team, Bantayan Is.
October 26-28, 2004 University of Southern Philippines 79 elementary and high school teachers of Mabini and Lahug campuses
September 20, 2004, and November 2004 Cebu Institute of Technology 17 teachers of College of Arts and Sciences
December 13-15, 2004 University of San Carlos-Girls High School 44 high school teachers
Total number of participants is 324

Two LVEP Educator Trainings and one LVEP Train-the-Trainer Seminar were conducted by
LVE Country coordinator, Ms. Salud Idio and the LVEP Team from Manila.
Five LVEP Educator Trainings were facilitated by ALIVE.


Number of Sites Using Living Values Education
Total number of sites 17

LVEP Pilot Schools (4)

  1. Cebu Normal University
  2. University of San Carlos
  3. University of Southern Philippines
  4. Cebu Institute of Technology

Other Partner Schools

Private Schools (9)

  • Bantayan Southern Institute
  • Center for International Education
  • Colegio del Sto. Nino
  • College of Technological Sciences*
  • Saint Alphonsus Catholic School
  • St. Joseph Academy
  • University of Cebu*
  • University of San Jose Recoletos
  • University of the Visayas

Public Schools (4)

  • Abellana National School
  • Awihao National High-Toledo City
  • Cebu City National Science High School
  • Mandaue City Comprehensive National High School

Academe Community Based Trainings

June 16, 19, 26 and July 3, 2004 Cebu Normal University 308 student teachers SALVE 1
June 18, 2004 Cebu Normal University 53 caregivers of AMUMA Center
July 13, 2004 Port Coquitlam, Danao City 27 educators of CNU College of Teachers Education
Nov. 4-6, 2004 Cebu Normal University 311 student teachers SALVE 2
Nov. 3, 2004 St. Augustine International School-Mactan 15 student council officers (Self-Awareness Seminar)
November 20, 2004 Values Awareness on Responsibility 42+ Rotaract student leaders sponsored by the Rotary Port Center
November 27, 2004 Values Awareness-- Revisiting the Vision 17 Prosel Pharma Cebu administrative and sales staff
December 2, 9 and 10, 2004 Values Workshop for Professionals/ Organizations 108+ academic support staff of USC, at USC-GH
January 28 & February 5, 2005x Values Workshop for Professionals 45 academic support staff of CNU
Total number of participants is 926
All 12 separate workshops were conducted by ALIVE Trainers.


LVEP Parents Workshops

August 5, 2004 Cebu Institute of Technology 800+ 1st year HS parents
August 19, 2004 600+ 2nd year HS parents
August 20, 2004 500+ 3rd year HS parents
August 27, 2004 600+ 4th year HS students
Total number of participants was more than 2,500.
Facilitated by Mdmes Telly Ampatin and Delia A. Villacastin.


Living Values Education Activities

September 21, 2004 International Day of Peace, Parade and Program Fuente Osme? Blvd., and Cebu Normal University
October 25, 2004 United Nations Day Program Ayala Center Activity Area
December 2, 2004 Pasko sa Plaza Program Plaza Independencia sponsored by the Cebu City Govt
January 20, 2005 Feeding body, mind and spirit CNU grounds in cooperation with CNU, RCCPC, Gochinghai Foundation & CNU Rotaract
Total number of participants and public viewers, approximately 8000.


Project for Creating a Value-Based Atmosphere

Values Boulevard

Along Osme Boulevard, Cebu City

  • Joint project with Cebu Normal University, University of Cebu and civic-minded souls.

Thrust for 2005

  1. To provide regular re-tooling living values activities which will enhance the professional capabilities and role modeling of members and institution with major focus on the four pilot schools.
  2. To create four Trainer Teams to handle LVEP orientation, LVEP Educator Training and parents workshops not only in Cebu but elsewhere.
  3. To organize strong support committees which will sustain membership involvement. (Fellowship, Continuing Education, Ways and Means).
  4. To generate resources to sustain the program.
  5. To organize a special one-day LVEP Seminar directed to key decision makers of schools, universities and institutions (e.g., superintendents, principals, administrators, etc.) for the advancement of values education in accordance with the worldwide LVEP.


Sister Erlinda Hisug, the General Councilor of the Oblates of Notre Dame reported in May of 2003 that LVEP was provided to children, youth and adults, in Tawi-Tawi, in the southern Philippines including community leaders, both Muslims and Christians. ?The primary values were given emphasis. For one whole year, the leaders conducted sessions every week, following the six-step framework. The leaders were grateful with the result. After one year, they requested another session on LVEP so that the values that initially were shared would be interiorized. Better understanding and friendship between the Muslims and Christians in this small island has been the most rewarding result of LVEP.

In the midst of uncertainty and scarcity,
was abundance of courage
and determination?
In the midst of peacelessnes and chaos,
was abounding love,
respect and appreciation,
I am peace
I am love

He made me in
His own image and likeness

I am His child.
He is Light
who dispels the darkness
and calls, There's a Better World!
The individuals of the world can and should unite for a better world.
Self transformation begins the process of world transformation.

The Legacy
you leave is the one you Live