Living Values - The Beijing Experience

A model of teacher training for values educators. Creating a values-based learning environment in schools.

"When Heaven created people, this world came to exist too and there was a rational order that prevailed; this order came from a system of intrinsic values." The book of Odes

Filmed in Beijing, China, at the Beijing Institute of Education and China National Children's Centre during six days of training with local teachers, this 25-minute video demonstrates the Living Values Education Programme model of values education. The Programme is founded on the premise that it is when we experience and live our values that we can truly teach them and its approach focuses on a primary aspiration of teachers worldwide to improve the teaching and learning environment by developing a values-based atmosphere in the classroom.

Fundamental human values - such as respect, responsibility, peace, honesty and love - are also explored in workshop activities from Living Values' series of award-winning books. Blending time given to knowledge input moments of guided reflection, the methodology both identifies good practice in teacher development while also demonstrating how values education may more effectively take place in school classrooms.

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