Living Values Education Workshop for Educators and Parents - Session 1 of 8

An overview of Living Values Education is presented by Diane G. Tillman, the primary author of the Living Values Education series of books. She asks educators and parents listening to the program about the two values they feel would most change the world, discusses the impact of values, and the choice of direction at this time of polarization. For the wellbeing of young people and our society we need to connect to our values and see clearly the harm of bullying and violence. Tillman shares the foundation of LVE, including the theoretical model. The latter proports creating positive school climates in which students experience being loved, respected, valued, understood and safe as an means for not only emotional wellbeing but to help all students move toward their potential. The breadth of LVE Resources for young people in regular schools and youth at risk is also shared, including resources for refugees and children affected by war and those in need of drug rehabilitation.