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Focal Point for Living Values Education: Mariam Fozan
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A Workshop on Values-Based Education Fuels Six Values Schools in Sharjah

About 50 teachers of Grades 1 - 3, representing six model schools in Sharjah Education Zone, attended a two-day Living Values Education (LVE) workshop hosted by Sharjah Education Council on 21 and 22 December 2014.


The event was co-facilitated by Miriam Fozan, LVE Focal Point for UAE and member of the board of directors of ALIVE (International Association for Living Values Education), Hiba Mohammad, School Social Specialists Supervisor, and Helen Sayers, LVE Focal Point for Oman, in the presence of Mr. Ali Al-Hosani, the director of model schools, Sharjah Education Council.

The sessions were practical, dynamic and interactive, exploring values such as respect, love, tolerance, honesty, responsibility and cooperation, while developing the skills of reflection, communication and creativity.



The workshop aimed to encourage and empower the teachers to become more aware of their values, and to "live" these values as role models. They experimented with methods and skills to create learning environments in which every child feels respected, valued, loved, understood, and safe, and in which all members of the school community flourish.

The first day started with an activity where the teachers introduced themselves to each other and looked out for values and personal qualities in the other person, rather than focusing on appearances and qualifications.

Participants then engaged in a series of guided reflections to explore their personal and social values as well as the values of our country and our culture. They discussed their ideas in small groups. This session concluded with the question "What are values?".

Mariam delivered a very interesting presentation about her own journey of discovering Living Values Education and meeting international LVE educators - followed by an account of how LVE had developed in the UAE, and her vision of how the programme will continue successfully.



Throughout the two days, the teachers contemplated on how to create a values-based learning environment, beginning with understanding the needs of a child and recognizing the diverse qualities required of an effective teacher.

The first day ended with an energetic activity to explore active listening

Day two focused on a wide variety of practical activities to demonstrate ways of integrating values into the lessons, using the LVE methodology "” to "Explore, experience, express".
Methods included:

  • Reflection
  • Visualization / imagination
  • Discussion in small groups
  • Energizers/ice-breakers
  • Creative expression - drama/mime, poetry, song, drawing, values-based games.

In the final session, the teachers were asked to reflect on their vision for the way forward "” together with an action plan.

At the end of the workshop, participants were honoured with certificates of appreciation signed by Mr. Saeed Al-Kaabi, President of the SEC.

The organizers hope that the teachers will now put into practice what they have learned starting from the second semester beginning in January 2015, and that their schools will become leaders in values-based education and will inspire other schools in the country.

Primary Schools that will apply the first phase of the living values education programme in Sharjah:

  • Sharjah Model Girls School
  • Al-Andalos Model School - girls
  • Al-Arqam Model School - boys
  • Maryam Model School - girls
  • Kalba Model School - girls
  • Khorfakkan Model School - boys

LIVING VALUES COMMITTEE in Sharjah Education Council

1 Mariam Fozan Salim Administrative supervisor
2 Hebatallah Mohammad Abdurahman Social specialist supervisor
3 Jaser Mohammad Al Mahashi SNE Teacher
4 Hussain Saleh Al Ali Vice principal
5 Aamna Bo Gazeen Vice principal
6 Aisha Al Hoti Secretary
7 Mariam Al Ali Class Teacher
8 Aisha Salim Bo Samnoh Principal
9 Dr Akram Qonbos Arabic Language Supervisor
10 Mona Hussain Al Hammadi Principal



United Arab Emirates: LVE on TEDTalks

Mariam Fozan, UAE Focal Point and one of the board of director members of ALIVE, recently gave a TEDTalk entitled, Live your Values, in the United Arab Emirates. During her talk, Mariam discussed her experiences with ALIVE and shared her journey of bringing LVE to the UAE.

More information can be found at www.tedxajman.com, scrolling down the speaker list and clicking on Mariam. TEDxAjman is an independent event licensed under TED and operating under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamaid Al Nuaimi. This organization focuses on inspiring talks and new ideas that have the power to change the world.

Mariam Fozan, Focal Point for LVE in UAE

2012 November

Since we became the representative of the program in UAE, we began to form a group of volunteers working in the educational area. And we began to think about the criteria to spread the program in the country.

Living Values Education Program (LVEP) was adapted to the Islamic traditions and heritage in April and May of the academic year 2004 - 2005. It is being implemented in the kindergarten schools with the support of the administration and parents. Working with the Arabic context has added enormous value with the advantage of having all program textbooks in Arabic.

In the second semester of the academic year 2005-2006, we started applying the value of Cooperation; the students learnt this value and adopted it in their everyday practices. As a result many parents were deeply touched by the performance of their children.



The program intends to lead to positive behavior, to strengthen these and to provide the students with the opportunity to learn from experience. New values are being added to the program every year.

Values were emphasized and taught starting from academic years (2006-2007), (2007-2008), (2008-2009)

K.G. 1: (120 Students):

Cooperation and Forgivness

K.G.2: (120 Students)

Honesty & Respect

As a result the implementation of Living Values Education has been further strengthened across the schools. The program was presented to Principals from 50 government schools all over the country who attended a one day meeting on 'Living Values Education Program'.



Love & Responsibilities

During the academic year 2008 - 2009, Al Sondos Kindergarten in Sharjah implementing Living Values Education focused on love and responsibilities. In addition, the responsibility value is sponsored by Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah.  Some of the children's work: