Rainbow Booklets - Values Activities for Children Ages 3 -7, 8-14 and Young Adults

Recognising the many challenges faced by parents and teachers today with all ages of young people we have created a Library of Values Activity booklets designed to encourage awareness of how Values play a big part in our lives. Invaluable for families and teachers by engaging activities to assist in dealing with specific home or classroom issues, capturing children's imagination, gaining participation and opening discussion, all bringing our young people to a different; more caring and responsible space.

Free Downloads - eBook download for reading online or self-print option and copying. Provide Activities For Everyone - Teachers, Care Givers, Parents, Individuals, Special Interest Areas, Living Values for Self and Community Development.

The three series of 9 booklets each are for children ages 3-7, 8-14, and Young Adults. Each Value activities booklet of approx. 40-56 pages is easily printed on home or school printer.

ATTENTION TEACHERS - PLEASE NOTE: for Rainbow Booklets in other languages we are able to provide the document in Word Docx so that it may be translated into any language using Google Translate. Request from resources@livingvalues.net

Rainbow Library Activities for Children 3-7

Rainbow Library Activities for Children 8-14

Rainbow Library Activities for Young Adults