Living Values Educators training, India - 29-30 Jan 2024

Living Values Education - India is pleased to present a video report showcasing a successful two-day teachers' workshop held in partnership with Sangath (a Goa based organisation that fosters child development and physical and mental health of young people) and Udaya Public School in Ayodhya on 29-30 January 2024. The workshop centered on the experiential approach of Living Values Education, focusing on self-reflection through the 'Explore, Experience, and Express' method and offering a transformative experience for educators.

During the workshop, teachers engaged in a variety of activities designed to deepen their self-awareness and understanding of Living Values Education. They explored children's needs, discussed the qualities of effective educators, and highlighted the importance of parental involvement, fostering stronger connections with students and nurturing a positive learning environment. Interactive sessions and discussions provided educators with the tools necessary to establish a values-based atmosphere conducive to children's holistic education.

As the workshop concluded, participants expressed motivation and readiness to embark on a journey of personal development and to empower their students with essential life skills and values.

The collaboration between Living Values Education - India, Sangath, and Udaya Public School in Ayodhya has laid a solid foundation for promoting a culture of respect, compassion and responsibility in the field of education in India.

We invite you to view the full video report on our YouTube Channel here.


India TTE course march 24

Train the Educator Course, India

India TTE course march 24 India TTE course march 24

LVE Methodolgy: Explore, Experience, Express

India TTE course march 24

Creating a Values-based learning environment: What are the basic needs of a child?

India TTE course march 24 India TTE course march 24

Reflect on the attitudes and actions we can use to fulfill this need of our children / students

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