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Undaunted by COVID, Living Values Education Brazil stays active

Late last year from 08/20/2020 to 10/14/2020, Cleide Romero, our Brazilian Training Coordinator, trained 22 Coordinators and Directors belonging to 11 institutions served by the institution C.A.S.A.S. – Health and Social Assistance Support Center. C.A.S.A.S maintains a partnership with the Municipality of São Paulo, Brazil.

“The C.A.S.A.S. – Health and Social Assistance Support Center presents the Vision: To be a link between existing social needs and the various sectors that help in the social, individual and community promotion of society. Thus establishing links, which bring together the various existing realities within the socio-educational context of our country.

The values ​​that motivate the C.A.S.A.S. – Health and Social Assistance Support Center can be defined as an example of the exercise of moral, social and ethical values, which constitute a healthy coexistence within a society. Thus, providing and favoring the transmission of important human values ​​of Transparency, Responsibility and Commitment, in addition to the Valorization of life and health, which are the basis of a more peaceful and sustainable future.”

The following Child Education Centers benefited from this training: Vargem Grande, Alice, São Bento, São Lucas, Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Paola, Recanto dos Navegantes, São José, São Pedro, CECI/CEII Krukutu and CECI/CEII Tenondé Porã.