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Representative to ALIVE: Taka Gani
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Our Vision

All Associates and Focal Points, membership have a Vision of where they would like to focus their energies, for some this in encouraging school teachers to adopt Living Values activities, some building partnership with education departments in their country, introducing Values into the curriculum of the Teaching Universities, some on prison reform, within relationships, others are called to seek involvement in the refugee crisis. Business can benefit from introducing Values in the management and workplace, in Human Resources. Parental guidance for better family life and Green Values for the environment.

The world offers a fertile field for the creation of Values Based Atmosphere, the expansion of Values Awareness.

No matter where or how, it all starts with desire and inspiration.

The two year hiatus during 2020/2021 with Indonesia's Covid restrictions required an enforced hibernation of the traditional Karuna Bali Foundation's Values educational activities. Sadly, this also impacted so much of the Associate's Living Values role and stifling of activities in Indonesia. Yet, we discovered a benefit: A time to feel into what we do, reflect on what we have done and consider where we want to go in the future - all this resulting in a strategic overview of the Organisation's purpose, an invitation to the team's participation in re-creating KB's future. Here then is the butterfly emerging from the chysalis - where we are heading into 2022 and beyond.



2023 - March

In 2020 Karuna Bali Foundation was offering it's Values-based programme for financially challenged young people, had classrooms filled with young students embracing the KB brand of English language classes, and a variety of multiple-day workshops. Then it all ceased. Covid precluded all these activities and yet the Associate for Living Values International in Indonesia did not slumber it turned inwards using this unique opportunity to capacity build within the KB Team.

We are pleased to share the latest Karuna Bali newsletter which could be called simply, "Awakening". You can download a copy of the report here




Foreword - Sure it's been tough, yet...

2022 in Bali started with another movement restriction by Government related to the increase number of positive cases of Covid. Central Government released an instruction for school to do the online learning again or mixed between half-class capacity and online learning. For Karuna Bali the face-to-face learning is done in English Short Course class and since September 2021 we have applied the maximum of half-class capacity.

Since January 2022, Karuna Bali has run with new organization structure and rotation of staff with new position as Coordinators also one new Department, Capung Melajah (activating Campuhan Long-Life Learning with new name and concept). We decided to choose Indonesian- Balinese mixed name because this department is targeting Indonesian people, mainly Balinese.

As found and planned through Strategic Planning, staff capacity building will be the focus in 2022, especially in strengthening staff capacity in facilitating for values-based activity and in practicing the skills to create values-based atmosphere. Practices for facilitation and skills (life-skills and communication skills) has been scheduled for staff.

The first three months of 2022 will be used to discuss between Director, Finance, Coordinators, KB Admin & HRD and LVE Officer about operational management, the coordination between program and finance system.

After hibernating in 2020-2021, we see that 2022 is going to be a learning year for all staff of KB (full-time or part-time). Combining the best practices from the past and piloting of new initiative or ideas. Thank you for the patience, trust and support that has been given to us in our hibernating years.

With warm regards,
On behalf of all staff of Karuna Bali Foundation,
Associate for Association for Living Values Education International


November 2022 Update

  • Workshops

There were 16 LVE workshops in 2022 held in Bali, Yogyakarta, Maluku and West Sumatra with total participants of 285. Associate before the workshop sent administration package to trainers such as registration form, media consent form, evaluation form and the registration number for the certificate. We also asked the trainers to make Term of Reference (TOR) before Associate give certificate number and documentation during the workshop. There were 8 LVE trainers who actively held LVE workshop this year: They are Muqowim, Ziadatul Husnah, I Made Perdana Scholastika, Ni Wayan Yeniari, Eklin Amtor de Fretes, Fitria Laurent, I Wayan Rustiasa, and Taka Gani.


  • Translation

There is an ongoing translation process for Rainbow Booklet for children ages 3-7 Years, 8-14 Years, and Young Adults as well as the LVE Distance Learning materials. Translation has been done by translators. The Rainbow Booklet for Young Adults were checked and the LVE Distance Learning materials is on progress to check by LVE team.


  • English Value Activity Videos

We made 3 videos of value activities on April 5th and November 1st 2022. The videos are currently in the editing process with our Multimedia Production (MMP) team.


  • Rabu Sejuk 'Cool Wednesday'

Rabu Sejuk is an on-line values activity, presented via Zoom every Wednesday (10-11am Bali Time). It was created in mid-2021. In 2022, we ran the 3rd Cool Wednesday and there has been 33 online activities (9 March - 23 November 2022). Total attendants 30 participants and each session the number of participants varied between 1-7 people.

There were many positive impacts felt, both by participants and facilitators. Participants said that they are being calmer, more peaceful, more valuing of what they are doing (so they don't just pass the day without getting at least a lesson from it), are more able to learn from mistakes, more grateful, can control their emotions to make them more stable, fresher, more confident, understand that everything not always happen like what they want, happier, get new insight from other participants, willing to listen to different perspectives more, feel more valuable, know how to deal with problems, can communicate clearly, interact socially with confidence, happy, assertive, more courageous in making decisions, more patient and able to appreciate diversity, and more careful when communicate with others.

The facilitator said that they can be more present with their heart and their mind to the participants, calmer, relaxed, light, be more open, confident, connected to peace more quickly. The universe seems to bring the facilitators into a circle with safe adults who live value-based environment, can control themselves, are aware of feelings that arise, and can accept and understand what ever is happening in their lives.


  • Social Media LVE Instagram & Facebook

Posted benefit of LVE weekly on Instagram - articles on Monday, Carousel of LVE skills on Wednesday, Reels Reflection points on Friday, Story reflective questions, updated values highlights based on answers from LVE's IG followers.


  • Articles of LVE in social media

18 articles and we sent the contributors LVE merchandise as a token of appreciation.


  • Promoting values

We promoted values through LVE's value cards for public outside Bali and on International Values Day 2022. Bilingual: 182 cards, Trilingual: 38 cards (buyers from Bali, Padang, East Jakarta)


  • Consultation on Applying LVE in a formal education setting

For a newly established school of Food & Beverages (1 year program) in North Bali.

Karuna Bali - 6 month progress (1 April to 30 Sept 22)

The Karuna Bali Progress Reflection report is the highlight of the evaluation and reflection which is done in 26 October 2022. Two weeks before the presentation day, all departments were give Term of Reference (guidance) on how to do the reflection and evaluation and what kind report written from the reflection and evaluation.

On 31st March 2022 we did our three months reflection and evaluation. We did not do the 6-month reflection and evaluation since the agenda in June 2022 was so full. However, we managed to have a light conversation to check-in together.

You can download a copy of the report here. It includes highlights from:

  • Vision, Mission, Goal, Values
  • Karuna Bali Operational Team 2022
  • Organizational Structure
  • Program Structure 2022
  • Short Course (SC)
  • Capung Melajah (CM)
  • Human Resources & Development (HRD)
  • Finance & General Affairs (FGA)
  • Multimedia Production (MMP)
  • Living Values Education (LVE)
  • DLCC Amisewaka
  • Sharing of Progress from Yowana Students
  • Sharing from Yowana Facilitators
  • Beneficiaries of Karuna Bali (Direct & Indirect)


February 2022: Who is Who in Karuna Bali now

  Name Role 2022
1 Ni Nengah Widiani Coordinator - Finance & General Affairs
2 Ni Kadek Endriyani Accounting Staff
3 I Kadek Juliarta Logistic & Maintenance Staff
4 Ni Nengah Sri Hastuti Cleaning Service 3rd Floor
5 Gede Ayodi Suriawan Cleaning Service 2nd Floor
6 Ita Wulandari Coordinator - Short Course
7 Ni Nyoman Triantari Head Admin Short Course
8 Ni Komang Tri Agustini Admin Short Course
9 Dewa Putu Ardika Security
10 Kdk I.K. Wira Putra Coordinator - Multimedia Prod
11 IB Ngurah Pustaka Pramana* Staff Multimedia Prod
12 I Gede Supardika Coordinator - Capung Melajah
13 Ni Wayan Yuniari Putri Team Leader Life Skills
14 Ni Wayan Yeniari Team Leader Youth Program
15 I Wayan Januarta Team Leader Youth Program
16 Kadek Salendri LVE Officer
17 Ni Made Puspa Dewi Karuna Bali Admin & HRD
18 Chusnul Savitri*** Personal Assistant to KB Director
19 Taka Nurdiana Gani Karuna Bali Director



Life Goes On - Our Internal General Activities

Activity: Morning Gratitude
Frequency & Duration: Daily, 30 minutes, 09:00 - 09:30
Description: Personal reflection in what we are grateful about from:

  • Self
  • God or anything chosen on the moment which stronger than the self
  • Surrounding (universe/environment/people/ anything)

Then share in groups or pairs. Staff take turn in leading.


Activity: Values-Based Activities
Frequency & Duration: Every Friday, 90 minutes, 09:45 - 11:00
Description: Using LVE Values-Based Activities, staff will take turn to facilitate the activities. This activity is a collaboration of HRD, Life Skills and LVE.


Activity: Karuna Bali Clean
Frequency & Duration: Friday, every 2 weeks (alternates with Waste Management), 2 hours, 15:00 - 17:00
Description: Thorough cleaning in the building by all staff, Finance & Logistic lead the activity and choose what particular spot and type of cleaning is needed.


Activity: Waste Management
Frequency & Duration: Friday, every 2 weeks (alternates with KB clean), 1 hour, 16:00 - 17:00
Description: All staff sorting the waste in KB while learning the importance of sorting waste from the smallest organizational structure and so we will be able to apply it in our daily lives.


January - March 2022 Workshops

3-4 January 2022: Staff Orientation
Participants: 19 Staff
Lead Facilitator: Taka
Co-Facilitator: Widi, Puspa, Juli

10-13 January 2022: Self Managing Leadership
Duration: 4 half-days
Participants: 18 Staff
Facilitator: Taka

17 January 2022: Vision-Mission Orientation
1.5 hour session for Short Course Facilitators

22-24 February 2022: Living Values Education Participants: 18 Staff and 4 Short Course English Facilitators
Lead Trainer: Taka
Co-Trainer: Yeni
Small Group Facilitators: Gede, Salen, Puspa

10-11 March 2022: Compassionate Communication
Participants: All Karuna Bali Staff and Interested Short Course Facilitators
Lead Facilitator: Taka Co-Facilitator: Yeni, Gede


Department Updates

Short Course:

The classes of English Group 1 - 2022 started on 24 Jan - 24 Mar 2022 with half to maximum capacity. The schedule are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11.00 - 20.30 WITA. The security staff helps to maintain security, tidy up parking, make sure students have washed their hands, wear masks, and check students' body temperatures.

The classes in Short Course:
a. 6 Levels of English Class (Starter 1-2, Movers 1-2, Flyer 1, Intensive1-2-4), 84 students and 6 English Facilitators and
b. 1 Intensive Computer Class (2 students) with 1 Facilitator.

A Pre-class activity is carried out before new students learn in class. In the first English Group 1-2022, both new and advanced level students were involved in pre-class. This is because, for two years the pre-class had not been held and many advanced level students have not taken the pre-class. The goal of this pre- class is to introduce the program and how the course runs as well as facilitate students to identify themselves and live the values that will help them to achieve their goal of being able to speak English.

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-pre-class Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-pre-class Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-pre-class-group

Pre-class Documentation

Mulitmedia Production

Up until 29 February 2022, Multimedia Production run with only 1 staff (Wira-Coordinator). Basically Coordinator assist other departments according to their needs.

The process of recruitment for one staff has started since 2nd week of January. It started with internal opening for the alumnae and its network. Four applied but none passed the technical requirements. Beginning of February, we launched the job vacancy through paid platform and we received 37 applicants. Coordinator choose 10 applicants based on closes location and experience. We decided to interview five applicants first. The interviewers are Wira, Gede and Taka.

One person is chosen based on the technical ability, mainly on video production. The person will start on Monday 7 March 2022.

Living Values Education

  • Values-based activities in English has started once and will start again in mid-March.
  • Rabu Sejuk (Cool Wednesday) - an onine values-based activities will run on Phase 3 starting 9 March. Two facilitators has ran it since June 2021 and there will be 3 additional facilitators (one volunteer alumnae Group 14 and two staff from Capung Melajah)
  • There are two volunteers: one for Cool Wednesday and one for creating reels in Instagram (for three months, 1 Feb - 30 Apr 2022)
  • Rainbow Booklet Part 1 is being translated by paid translator.
  • Self-Reflection part of Distant Learning is translated and will be used in staff capacity building.
  • Workshop LVE offline has started few times for: Refugees who teach at Hope Learning Centre Cisarua (Nov 2021), Rumah Kearifan Jogja (Dec 2021), English Language Faculty Univ Mahasaraswati Bali (Feb 2022)
  • Discussion on Video Production with Multimedia Production team for ALIVE International will continue in mid-March 2022, a week after the new Multimedia staff start.
  • Trainers online gathering will be held on end of March to discuss about LVE in Indonesia.

Campuhan Melajah

The idea of this department came out during Strategic Planning when we reflect on CL3 (Campuhan Long-Life Learning). No one seems to know what it is and remaining staff weren't involve in the birth of this department. We research the meaning of the "dragonfly" logo, the words "long=life learning" and try to understand from the chart account under the heading of "teacher training'.

We then give a new meaning from the department after understanding the meaning of the dragonfly logo. We chose also to open this department not only for teachers but for anyone who would like to learn about themselves and recognize their potential to be used for themselves and others.

"Capung" is Indonesian word for Dragonfly. "Melajah" is made from two words: 'Melajah' (Balinese for Learning and 'Menjelajah' (Indonesian for Exploring). Capung Melajah means to learn about the inner self then explore the outside world is an ongoing process.

We choose to use Capung Melajah as the main name because it will be promoted to Indonesian, mainly Balinese. We would like the name sounds familiar and rise curiosity for people to ask more. It has two sub-department: Yowana Program ('Yowana' is Balinese for Youth) and Life Skills (we still has not decide for its name).

Yowana (Youth) Program: is going to be a pilot project on July-December 2022. The proposal is in the final stage and will be finished on mid-March. We will send the concept paper between 7-11 March.

Life Skills: For 2022, it is a collaboration program with HRD and LVE related to staff capacity building.

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-life-skills Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-life-skills Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-life-skills

Life Skills

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-collecting-waste Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-collecting-waste

Waste Day: Cleaning and Sorting Waste

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-short-course Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-short-course Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-short-course-group

LVE Workshop for Staff and Part-time Short Course Facilitators

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-values Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-values Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-values-group

Weekly Values-Based Activity

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-birthday Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-birthday

Celebrating January's Staff Birthday: Endri, Janu, Yeni


LVE Workshop for Refugees Teaching at Hope Learning Centre at Cisarua Assist by Yeni and Gede (29 Nov -1 Dec 2021)



LVE Workshops for Educators Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; January and February 2020

An LVE Workshop for Educators was conducted at Campuhan College, Ubud, Bali for 25 students of the College's One Year Professional Programme on 20-22 January 2020 by Ni Wayan Yeniari with co-facilitation by I Wayan Januarta and I Gede Supardika. The purpose was to allow students to practise the LVE skills that can help them support each other in class and to strengthen their relationships with their family and the people they served during the "Seeds of Kindness" project that they carried out.

One of the participants, Ni Kadek Dwi Darmaniti, commented: "This LVE workshop helps us to be active listeners", explaining that giving an ear to her friends could encourage them to be open with her. "It creates a friendly, warm and comfortable atmosphere at school or a workplace" she continued, emphasising that in such supportive circumstances a school or a business would flourish and that it is important to connect with values in every moment and situation. "Pay attention to your surroundings. Looking at the relationship between people and dogs I learned about loyalty. I saw ants moving in a line and this told me about cooperation. This workshop reminded me always to be aware of my values", she concluded.

The following month a LVE Workshop for Educators was held by Yayasan PUSPADI Bali on 7 - 9 February 2020 at Annika Linden Centre in Tohpati, Denpasar, Bali for 25 participants including Community Assistant and Management staff. The workshop was facilitated by I Made Skolastika and Philip Yusenda from Karuna Bali and aimed to prepare staff to be more aware of their values while implementing programmes and activities. PUSPADI Bali is a Non-Governmental Organization providing mobility aids, education and training services for 'diffable' (differently-abled) people and running quality advocacy programmes in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.



Educators Workshop - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; 23-25 August 2019

A successful LVE Workshop for Educators was conducted by Karuna Bali's Long-Life Learning (CL3) team in Ubud, Bali. The workshop was attended by 16 participants including representatives of organisations such as ISCO Foundation, PUSPADI Bali and Kasih Peduli Anak. This experiential and interactive workshop comprised 16 hours of core sessions with a focus on the skills to create a values-based atmosphere that participants can then apply in their daily lives.

Karuna Bali's representative to ALIVE opens the workshop
Karuna Bali's representative to ALIVE opens the workshop

Sharing thoughts about values made for a happy small group discussion
Sharing thoughts about values made for a happy small group discussion

Whispering values to another in the Tunnel of Love activity
Whispering values to another in the Tunnel of Love activity


LVE Workshop for Educators - Ciputat, South Tangerang, Indonesia; 13-15 September 2019

Lembaga Studi Agama dan Filsafat (LSAF), an organisation that focuses on reviewing and developing democracy and human rights in Indonesia held an LVE Workshop for Educators at Madrasah Raudhatul Irfan Jl. Kerosin V pondok ranji, Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten.  Twenty five educators and college students participated in the two-day event which was led by Iqbal Hasanuddin, Robbi Muhammad, Via Elga Susilawati, Muhammad Usman, Khoerotun Asyaroti and Ummal Khairoh.

Smiles all round during the break!
Smiles all round during the break!

Facilitator Iqbal Hasanuddin (middle back row) with happy participants
Facilitator Iqbal Hasanuddin (middle back row) with happy participants

94 School Educators and six LVE Trainers at Pre-school workshop! - Jakarta, Indonesia; 10 - 12 October 2019

An LVE Workshop for Educators was held for teachers from Kiddie Planet Preschool Sunter, Gading, PIK and Graha in North Jakarta on 10 - 12 October 2019 and the 94 participating teachers were divided into three groups, with two facilitators for each group: Taka Gani and Rifah Zaenani (Group 1), I Wayan Rustiasa and Sony Jethnani (Group 2) and Philipus Yusenda and Irma Makarim (Group 3). The workshop aimed to help teachers learn and understand the importance of values, support them in consciously living by values in their school as a role model for their students.

Participants enjoy a session on 'Transition to Values-based Discipline' with Irma Makarim
Participants enjoy a session on 'Transition to Values-based Discipline' with Irma Makarim

Everyone's favourite activity:  Making a World Peace Cake!
Everyone's favourite activity: Making a World Peace Cake!


Lets' TALK

Lets' TALK is a project that is intended for one-year students as services to the community and the application of knowledge acquired during studying at CAMPUHAN College. The Professional Program students teach and accompany the elementary students grade 4 and 5 in teaching English and sharing the value-based atmosphere. The project is held every Saturday. It is started from 2nd February - 27th April 2019. For this year, this program is implemented at SDN (Elementary school) 2 and 5 Kedewatan. Bali. In conducting this activity, there are several stages or process that are carried out such as preparation, activities, and farewell.

First, the first step of starting this project is preparation. The facilitator conducts a meeting of introducing the project. We gave them a highlight of the project. We divide the team into two. We let them free to choose the coordinator for each team. The coordinator has responsibility to supervising their team and give a report to the facilitator. Moreover, they have to manage the PIC (Person in Charge) for each meeting. Then, the students send the proposal to the schools. after the school agreeing the project, the facilitator and the students come to school to get a deal. Mostly the teachers welcome us greatly. They are really proud of the PP students as they are scholarship students who are motivated and willing to grow. In this stage, the PP students learn how to conduct and meet a new people, and organize a meeting.

Second, in facilitating, the students have some steps to do such as pre- activity, main activity and post- activity. In pre- activity, the PP students have 2 steps, Micro teaching and rehearsal. Micro teaching is a part where the students can learn to teach English. In this part, the students who get a chance would prepare the material and teaching steps independently. Of course, they also have a freedom to ask the facilitator and get feedback. Beside teaching English, the PP students also have a chance to facilitate the silence moment (invite the students to presence), Game (facilitate the ice breaker), Story telling (facilitate the story), dairy writing (facilitate to write their feelings about the activity) and reflection (facilitate the reflection about the hole activity). Every student has the same chance to facilitate. They also responsible to prepare the properties related to the activity. Rehearsal is an activity that the students do a day before teaching. In this part, the students have to rehearse all steps. For the main activity, the students start teaching at 10 AM. In this stage, they students cooperate to succeed the activity and make sure that it runs well. After the main activity is post - activity. Here, the students conduct a meeting which lead by the coordinator. The coordinator should send the meetings' result to the facilitator. Then, I would be followed up every week.

The last is farewell. In this stage, the students try to organize the ceremony started from the budget, the run down and the entertainment. The purpose of the activity is to thank the school for the chance and support. Moreover, it is the time for the assisted students (elementary students) to show what they have learnt during the program. Most of the students are excited and confident to show their best. it proves that the PP students succeed to accompany their students. This is not about how smart they are in delivering the material/lesson, but their willingness to grow both individually and group. That is a glimpse of the Let's TALK project, Thank you.


Educator Workshops in Bali and Jakarta

Elis Huwa, of the ALIVE Associate in Indonesia, reported on a flurry of activities across the country as follows

LVE Educator Workshop in Bali - January 2019
Sixteen people from Lombok, Bali, Tangerang, Jakarta and Kutai Kartanegara enthusiastically participated in a three-day LVE Workshop in Ubud, from 25-27 January 2019, facilitated by Wayan Rustiasa co-founder of Karuna Bali, the ALIVE Associate in Indonesia. The ALIVE President, Chris Drake, who happened to be in Ubud, attended the opening session and emphasised the importance of putting our values into action rather than just words and how we can use them to help us set a good course in life. "Values can serve as a compass that helps point us in the right direction in life. When we are at a crossroads in life it is often not easy to decide which way to go but if we think about if carefully our values can help show us the right way to go and keep us on track", he said.


The participants listen enthusiastically to the facilitators
The participants listen enthusiastically to the facilitators


Thanks for being with us, I can feel your values.
Thanks for being with us, I can feel your values.


Chris Drake greets the participants and shares thought in the introduction session.
Chris Drake greets the participants and shares thought in the introduction session.


Finally, receiving the certificate for a Values Activity Facilitator!
A happy participant receives a certificate as a LVE activities facilitator!


LVE Workshop for Teachers in Kiddie Planet Pre-school, Jakarta - March 2019
Kiddie Planet Montessori Preschool, Jakarta hosted an LVE Educator Workshop from 19-21 March 2019 for 12 Pre-school teachers facilitated by Wayan Rustiasa and Sony Jethnani. It was a great success and as one participant put it: "I humbly and genuinely thank you for sharing with me the art of active listening. I am very sure that this skill is going to enhance my relationship at home as well as where I teach."


Group sharing provides each participant with a safe pace to express their feeling and thoughts.
Group sharing provides each participant with a safe space in which to express their thoughts and feelings.


Let's bake our cakes and peace will take place!
A recipe for peace!


Visualization gives a few moments to reconnect with our dream in the Rekindling Dream session.
Visualization gives a few moments to reconnect with our dream in the Rekindling Dream session.


Happiness and contentment illuminated on the smiling faces of all participants.
Smiles all round amongst workshop participants!


Values-based College for Financially-challenged Students in Bali

Karuna Bali Foundation, the ALIVE Associate in Indonesia, runs Campuhan College a school in Ubud, Bali, and uses the LVE Approach as the foundation of its teaching and learning activities. Many of the College's students are high school graduates in financially challenged circumstances who do not otherwise have access to further education and they are offered a fully-sponsored one-year full-time Values-based Leadership course. One of the features of the course is focused on the concept of "Paying Forward" with an annual event to support the cost of sponsoring students for the following year. In August, at the beginning of their course, each of the 25 students selects his/her own values and commits to "living in" those values for the year. The students are taught about five basic emotional needs, namely being loved, understood, valued, respected and safe, and they and the course facilitators then collectively decide on what best practices can help ensure that those needs are met.

A safe space to play in Padang

We gladly received a short update from Fitria Laurent, an LVE trainer in Padang, West Sumatra who has run many LVE workshops.  After a workshop held in February 2018 with 16 participants, Fitria made arrangements for them to share and put their LVE skills to good use with 385 children, aged 6 to 12, in Padang city with support from a foundation called Yayasan Anak Shaleh.  She wrote:  "Divided into six groups, the children enjoy fun-activities facilitated by 2-3 facilitators for 3 to 4 hour a day, 4 days a week and this has been going on as an after-school activity for about 6 months now.  I am happy to be a volunteer for this activity because the children did not have a safe space to play.  Now, they have this special little space to spend their after-school time while the 16 facilitators have a chance to practise and expand their facilitating skills."


Indonesian commemorates the 73rd Independence Day in August 2018. LVE trainers from all areas celebrated Independence day in different ways. Some fun activities were held to express, explore, and at the same time nurture the spirits of peace, happiness, and freedom. In this country update we would like to share and accentuate the three interconnected values which emerged from the stories; peace, happiness, and freedom.

From Maluku with the Peace Tales

Since January to August 2018 Jalan Merajut Perdamaian (JMP) community has done a series of values activities in some areas in Maluku islands (the Moluccas). Eklin de Fretes, a young leader of JMP and an active LVE trainer, together with 5 to 7 facilitators created and implemented the peace program voluntarily. By August 16th 2018, JMP has reached out 72 spots all over Maluku to share the spirit of peace with children through fun-activity called Peace Tale. This program was started to promote unity and harmony among children from different communities.

Eklin and the other JMP's facilitators realized that many children who were born after the period of conflict to some extent inherit the feeling of segregation with people from different group (religion) while the adults keep repeating the narratives of segregation. Many generation in Maluku including JMP's volunteers noticed that some children have been labbelling and treating each other as opponents, using negative terms which were taken from old narrative frequently retold by the adults. These young volunteers understand that there are always consequences of assembling hurtful memories, experiences, or episodes within the narrative; it might generate the ideas of exclusion towards others and themselves. They invited everyone who search for peace in Maluku to put an end to this negative cycle. They relentlessly promote values through fun and creative activities. They tried to make the children and adults to reconnect with their authentic values and at the same time to build children's character of peace in the most possible way. "I call it Peace Tale. Children from different backgrounds share peace stories. I started this storytelling program on January 2nd, 2018 in front of interfaith community in Seram island." Eklin added, "On 17th of August, 2018, together with young people from Taman Baca Haturessy, Negeri Tulehu, we held the summit event of the series of activities entitled 73 Peace Tales Spots as a celebration of 73 Years of the Independence".

Besides collaborative storytelling, there were also various programs performed in the event such as poetry musicalization, theatrical performance, singing, and a small offerings procession from youth interfaith community. To conclude the event, a charity activity was held as an expression of compassion and solidarity to the people in Lombok who were recently affected by the earthquake. "JMP appreciates and is very grateful to all participants in this program. May God bless us. Let's love Indonesia in one or many other ways!", Eklin concluded.

From Maluku with the Peace Tales


From Maluku with the Peace Tales


From Maluku with the Peace Tales


Independence Day for the Happiest Indonesia! - Sharing Our Values via Social Media

To celebrate the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Yayasan Indonesia Bahagia (YIB) dan InLOVE Community, created a video as a campaign tool. The purpose of this video is to interpret the meaning of independence in today's context and to promote the spirits of happiness of Indonesian society. The video has been disseminated since 17th of August, 2018 using Intagram account Afni, one of the videomaker, stated "We present influential figures from different professions narating the meaning of independence day". It is aimed to promote happiness through Indonesia Bahagia campaign. The organizer of the video making is the InLOVE Community. InLOVE community is a group of 6 young LVE trainers who focus on social media content development. "We hope the value of independence we want to convey through this activity can raise the value of happiness. The key message we wanted to share is each individual has the right to be free, independent, and happy" Afni added.

Yayasan Indonesia Bahagia has been doing the campaign called Gerakan Indonesia Bahagia (GIB), an initiative to promote value of happiness for Indonesian society. Rani Anggraeni Dewi, the initiator of this campaign and coordinator of YIB, worked closely with other 8 LVE trainers: Kamalia, Fathurrahman, Milastri, Afni, Eka Zamani, Tantri Maharesi, Dini S, Yudhy W. and Ita Mucharam. They believe that nowadays, the society need to closely reconnect with the values of respect, tolerance, freedom to nurture the values of happiness. "GIB is one of practical implementation of LVE trainers' knowledge and skills. These knowledge should not stop in the form of workshops and campus-based activities. I want to make it more inclusive. We conducted many activities in public space like in city parks, like the one we held to celebrate the International Happiness Day", she added.

Links to the video samples:


Independence Day for the Happiest Indonesia! - Sharing Our Values via Social Media


Independence Day for the Happiest Indonesia! - Sharing Our Values via Social Media


A safe space to play in Padang

We gladly received a short update from Fitria Laurent, our LVE trainer who lives in Padang, West Sumatra. Fitria has facilitated numbers of Living Values Educator workshops. After LVE workshop held in February 2018 with 16 participants, Fitria coordinated the 16 values activities facilitators to share and practice their LVE skills voluntarily with 385 children on the age of 6 to 12 years old in Padang city with the support fromYayasan Anak Shaleh. The children enjoy fun-activities facilitated by 2-3 facilitators with the duration of 3 - 4 hour per day, 4 days a week. These children are devided into 6 groups. The after-school activity has been conducted for about 6 months now.

The volunteer from this workshop, Fitria, remarked that she feels happy to be a volunteer for this activity because the children did not have a safe space to play. Now, they have this special little space to spend their after-school time. "The 16 facilitators for this fun-activities are those that I have trained myself in LV Educator Workshop. I'd like to give them space to practice and expand their facilitating skill", said Fitria.


A safe space to play in Padang


A safe space to play in Padang


Some updates from The Asia Foundation

To participate in the National Children's Day, some LVE trainers carried out a series of LVE fun-activities in an event which took place in Surabaya on 20th to 22nd of July, 2018. The event was organized by The Asia Foundation's PEDULI program. Budhy Munawar-Rachman, Mochamad Ziaulhaq, Eklin De Fretes, and Yudhi Widdyantoro facilitated some values activities for children which also include children with disabilities, focusing on values of Peace and Tolerance. These activities allowed the children to explore, experience, and share those values. By conducting the activities, the trainers provided a space for children to express their values creatively using images, poetry and dance. At the end of the session, the children got the opportunity to present their work pieces in front of the audience.

The Asia Foundation also participated in a National Workshop entitled Religious Moderation Mainstreaming as the Implementation of the United Nation Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 was held by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia on 27 of July, 2018. Taken place at the Royal Kuningan Hotel, Jakarta, this workshop was facilitated by Budhy Munawar-Rachman and Mochamad Ziaulhaq. This workshop introduced the Living Values Education approach to the members of the Ministry of Religion. Zia emphasized the importance of living and sharing values among one another through social activities. "Let's bring positive contribution to our society", Zia added.

Since mid-2017, some LVE trainers contributed in developing a guidebook entitled Pendidikan Nilai Pancasila (Pancasila Values Education) under the project of The Asia Foundation and Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila (BPIP). The development of the guidebook was prepared by Dr. Budhy Munawar-Rachman, Mochamad Ziaulhaq, M.Ag, and Dr. Bambang Qomaruzzaman, M.Ag. This guidebook prioritizes the strengthening of the knowledge about LVE Theoretical Scheme and values based activity skills. This method has two main functions: providing a value-based atmosphere simulation in the educational process and living the values of Pancasila in the learning space (internal function) so that the participants can experience the Pancasila values-based atmosphere and to implement it in their social life (external function).

A series of FGDs, seminars, workshops, and training were conducted in several Islamic Religious Universities by Dr. Muqowim, and Rani A. Dewi, MA. following the development of the guidebook. In August 2018, this book was used in some trainings for lecturers and teachers of Pancasila subject at Pusat Pengembangan Madrasah Kanwil Kemenag Jawa Barat dan Prodi Religious Studies Pascasarjana UIN SGD Bandung, Institute for Southeats Asian Islamic Studies (ISAIS) Riau, Faculty of Tarbiya and Teacher Training, UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, and PUSAM, Postgraduate program of Muhammadiyah University, Malang.

Updates from The Asia Foundation


Updates from The Asia Foundation


Updates from The Asia Foundation


Stories from Karuna Bali Foundation

Another three days successful Living Values Educator workshop was held in Campuhan College on 20-22 July 2018. It was facilitated by LVE Accredited Trainer of Living Values Education Indonesia, Muqowim and Wayan Rustiasa. The workshop participants came from Bali, Pekanbaru, Jogjakarta, and Lombok. They experienced a deeper understanding of how values live and guide their life. The various background of participants including academics, midwife, young enterpreuneurs, acupuncturist, and psychologists, in this workshop enriched the process of growth for each person. Together they practiced to create a safe zone during each session. The positive atmosphere helped every person to share with one another, something that is not always be experienced in everyday life. Conversations got deeper as each day passed and understanding about core values were increased.

One of the participant from Riau mentioned that from this LVE workshop, he can learn to appreciate himself better like he has never done before. He believed that his entity consists of the body, soul and spirit, and he has to give attention to these three. The appreciation for himself is fulfilled during this workshop. Another participant said that by joining the workshop she would be able to recharge her life energy, be more powerful, and understand more about the 5 basic feelings needed by each person, feeling loved, understood, valued, respect, and safe. As they weaved through the journey of understanding the values and living them; the sensation, the feelings, and the friendship are the ones they will cherish and hold dear for the rest of their lives.

Stories from Karuna Bali Foundation


Stories from Karuna Bali Foundation


Campuhan College Students Activity: Creating Collaborative Rules

During the first week of August 2018, 24 new students of One Year Professional Program and all of the facilitators engaged in a series of activities in Campuhan College's Open Heart space from morning until late afternoon. The facilitators introduced the Living Values Education methods as the foundation of teaching learning activities applied in Campuhan College. In that event, each students selected their main values to be nurtured during their study.

In the session of Creating Collaborative Rules, the students were invited to explore and experience their five basic emotional needs i.e. feeling loved, understood, valued, respect, and safe. The facilitators and students also decide the best practical way to fulfill those needs. One of the students, Sky, stated that "The most memorable session was when I can recognize my five basic emotional needs, I also surprised to know that people also have the same needs like I do." By understanding their needs and needs of others, the students are allowed to take part actively in maintaining a supportive teaching learning environment with the assistance of the facilitators. Hopefully that their spirit of togetherness and willingnese to respect to eachother are getting stronger from time to time.


Campuhan College Students Activity: Creating Collaborative Rules


Campuhan College Students Activity: Creating Collaborative Rules
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Komunitas Ramah Anak: Fitria Laurent
The Asia Foundation: Muhammad Ziaulhaq, Budhy Munawar
Jalan Merajut Perdamaian (JMP) Ambon: Eklin de Fretes
InLove Community: Afni Nurul Ikhsan
Karuna Bali: Novenia, Elis

Next Events:

  1. September 3rd - 5th, 2018: Branding Awareness Working Group follow-up meeting, Karuna Bali, Ubud, Bali
  2. September 6th - 8th, 2018: Living Values Educator Workshop, SMU Rosma, Karawang, West Java.
  3. September 28th - 30th, 2018: Living Values Educator Workshop, Campuhan College - Karuna Bali, Ubud, Bali.
  4. Refresher Course for LVE trainers and facilitators - Jogjakarta Cluster, November 2018, Rumah Kearifan (House of Wisdom), Jogjakarta.
  5. Refresher Course for LVE trainers and facilitators - Ambon Cluster, November 2018, Parakletos - Ambon.
  6. Series of LVE workshop - weekly basis (every weekend), November 2018 to January 2019, Greenschool, Bali.


Postponed Event:

  • LVE Train the Trainer Workshop (TTT) 2018 will be conducted next year.

Indonesia Newsletter June-August 2018

LVE's Amazing Expansion Deepens and Continues

Trainers Meeting

Living Values Education Indonesia "” Karuna Bali (LVEI) expresses its great appreciation and respect to the 17 trainers and the committee for their contributions at the LVE Trainer Meeting 26 - 27 January 2018 in Yogyakarta. Entering the year of 2018, the meeting became a special moment for trainers from five areas of Indonesia (Moluccas, Bali, Jakarta, West Java, Jogjakarta, and Sumatra) to review the implementation LVEI's mandates. There are four main areas of concern for the next five years.

The first is Serving the Servant, LVEI's main mandate for nurturing the seeds, the trainers. It focuses on maintaining a good relationship among trainers and providing them with support such as consultation and advance trainings. The second is Branding Awareness. The associate should maintain the uniqueness of LVE as an educational approach, activity, and source of course material. The third is Knowledge Production, focusing on developing and providing access to various activities, books, articles, lessons, modules, etc. It also provides space for and encourages trainers and users to share knowledge and reflection from the field. The fourth is Data and Information Management. The associate needs to manage data and information from trainers for trainers and other users.


Follow-up on Letter of Intent of PIAUD and ALIVE International

As stated in the last update, 15 members of the Association of Early Childhood Islamic Education (Asosiasi PIAUD) have signed the Letter of Intent (LoI) with ALIVE International. Led by Muqowim, the initiator of LoI signing, two of fifteen signatories began by conducting an LVE workshop within their academic institution. After the workshop, the Indonesian Associate received an invitation to take part in the National Seminar in Tuban, East Java, 5 April 2018. Budhy Munawar, Muqowim, and Philip Yusenda gave speeches at the event. There was also a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) prior to the seminar which included five representatives of Signatories and the Associate of LVE Indonesia. After the FGD, all participants joined a WhatsApp group set up by the associate to initiate long distance sharing and discussion. The FGD became a small step forward to see the potential collaboration in developing LVE in each area.


LVE for Educator Workshops

Eleven LVE Educator Workshops have been conducted by several organizations and universities in East Java, Jakarta, West Java, Jogjakarta, and West Sumatra during the period of January through April 2018. A group of active trainers from Yayasan Indonesia Bahagia, Yayasan Humanisti, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, The Asia Foundation, and Karuna Bali facilitated these workshops. Activities consisted of some of the following:

The area of East Java

Supported by The Asia Foundation, an LVE Educator Workshop was conducted by the Center for the Study of Religion and Multiculturalism (PUSAM) of Muhammadiyah University, Malang (UMM) 22 - 24 January 2018. Around 30 individuals participated in the workshop which was facilitated by Muqowim and Syamsul Arifin. The workshop was repeated 12-13 April 2018  in Muhammadiyah University, Surabaya. The workshops were facilitated by Muqowim, Budhy Munawar, Bambang Q. Anees, M. Ziaulhaq, Rani A. Dewi. The uniqueness of the two workshops, called LVE Pancasila, is that the courses were combined with courses about Pancasila. Pancasila is a foundational philosophical theory of Indonesia which contains five interrelated principles. Using the LVE approach, the participants were invited to discover and enliven their personal values and at the same time to revitalize the fundamental values of the nation of Indonesia within the Pancasila philosophy.

Still in East Java, an LVE workshop was presented at STAI Mifthul Ula, Nganjuk 10-11 February 2018. Around 40 members of the Kindergarten Teachers Education Study Program (Prodi PGRA) took part in the workshop which was facilitated by Muqowim from Islamic State University (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga Jogjakarta. Muqowim also facilitated another workshop at STAI-Al-Hikmah, Tuban 17-18 March 2018 where 15 people attended. A few weeks after the workshop, one of participants, Laily Kustur, shared the impact she felt after joining the workshop. "I am aware that I became more patient, especially during hectic days preparing campus event with my colleagues. We remind ourselves about our values. We have learned to understand to each other, taking deep breaths when something happens beyond expectation."

The area of Bali

The Karuna Bali Foundation conducted an LVE workshop in Campuhan College 5-7 January 2018. The participants were eight women. Most of them were educators or future trainers of young people. They learned how to enliven the values and integrate them into their lives. The workshop was facilitated by Wayan Rustiasa and Philip. The three-day training was closed with an activity focusing on the realization of values and sharing what values participants want to implement in their jobs and lives for the future.

An LVE workshop was also conducted by Campuhan College Professional Program 29-31 January 2018. Facilitated by Ni Wayan Yeniari and I.G.A Putri Meiyani, the workshop brought together 24 students of Campuhan College to reflect on their values, reviving them both individually and as a community. Marsya, one of the students, stated, "At the beginning I was very hesitant to mentor the children in the Let's Talk program ... after the LVE workshop I was more relieved. I am increasingly aware of the importance of fulfilling the five basic emotions for myself and for the mentored students."

Throughout Nov 2017 to January 2018, Green School hosted a Living Values Education workshop for local educators on a weekly basis. Initially, 85 participants came to the Saturday session from 09.00 to 12.00. Ultimately, 53 passed all the weekly sessions and were awarded certificates of participation. At this stage, the local education agency has been supportive of the workshops. This workshop will be conducted annually in the future.


The area of Jakarta and West Java

In the area of Jakarta, an LVE Educator Workshop was conducted by Zakkier Foundation on 16-18 February 2018. Sixteen participants actively joined the workshop.  This three-day workshop was successfully done and brought joy to both participants and trainers. It was facilitated by Rani A. Dewi, a very active trainer, and assisted by Ita S. Mucharam and M. Nur Jabir. Rani A. Dewi continue