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MAY 2023 LVE WEBINAR: 'Ethical Sense and Moral Sensibility'

MAY 2023 LVE WEBINAR: 'Ethical Sense and Moral Sensibility - doing the right thing for good reasons' with Speaker David Rowse. 

After National Service, David taught disadvantaged secondary school students in Birmingham for 27 years. In 1990, he set up a charity 'Values Education for Life' to help disadvantaged youngsters maximise their humanity through moral education and personal development.

David has also been a lecturer at the University of Birmingham, chair and vice president of the Values Education Council of the UK, and editor of Ethos, a magazine promoting the importance of spirutual, moral, ethical and cultural education in schools.

More recently, David designed and uses an intervention programme to help young people, who are at risk of anti-scoial and criminal activity that includes violence against others, to clarify their own socio/moral values and reflect on the importance of a life stance that is spiritually satisfying and morally rewarding.

Join us: Wednesday 10th May 2023
6pm - 7pm BST
(UK timezone)
Zoom Details:
Meeting ID: 922 2863 5131
Password: serenity

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