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LVE Facebook Schedule - June 2023

As approvach the middle of the year, we are offering you a sneak preview of what is happening on our Facebook page for the month of June.

Download your Free June 2023 Facebook Schedule here

These pages provide an opportunity offered for followers to join our weekly Living Values Self Reflection - a Values personal self-development activity. This is a 12 week program that you can join in at anytime.

There is also a variety of new projects and resources that various member countries are offering plus our international Zoom meetings and webinars, and the new Living Values resources that have been recently added to the LVE website - such as the new "ALIVE Asia Confernece" Booklet.

To learn more, simply like and follow Living Values Education facebook page: or search for your own country page. There are thirteen countries are now represented on Facebook, each with identical Living Values messages that change daily. They include: Australia, New Zealand, USA, EU - English version, India, Sri Lanka, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, South Africa and Latin America.