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Issue Number 61   


Welcome to the 61st issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.


News and Success Stories From Around the World

News and Success Stories

  • Greece: Kindergarten Teachers on Corfu Embrace LVE
  • Hong Kong: Two LVE Workshops Generate Wonderful Plans
  • Indonesia: LVE’s Amazing Expansion Deepens and Continues
  • Kuwait: Living Values Festival — Be the Change
  • Kuwait: Live your Life: A skit about the effects of social media
  • Turkey: Even Our Four-year-olds Use Values Words to Diffuse Arguments
  • United Kingdom: Values in Action: Nurturing 'Values Literacy

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International Calendar of Upcoming Training and Events

  • Germany:
    • LVE Train the Trainer - 9 and 10 June 2018 and one weekend in November 2018 – Regensburg

  • Indonesia:
    • LVE Train-the-Trainer - 27 – 31 August 2018: Jogjakarta

  • USA:
    • Living Values Education Workshop - 13 – 15 July 2018 – Novato, California
    • Living Values Education Workshop - 10 – 12 August 2018 – Haines Falls, New York
    • Living Values Effective Parenting Workshops - Last Thursday of every month – Miami, Florida

  • Vietnam:
    • LVE Educator Training - 2, 3, 9, 10 June 2018 – HCMC

News and Success Stories from Around the World

Greece: Kindergarten Teachers on Corfu Embrace LVE

A successful LVE Workshop for 150 Kindergarten teachers was held on Corfu on March 12. Eleni Kosmetatou, the kindergarten consultant for the Ionian islands, and Sotiria Georgota, the kindergarten teacher in charge of educational programmes in Corfu, organised this event at the 7th Primary School in Corfu.

In the beginning, there was a brief presentation of the philosophy of values education and its relation to emotional intelligence. LVE was viewed as a holistic educational approach with an emphasis on respect for and acceptance of the individuality of children, students and individuals. As an icebreaker, educators were invited to form pairs and hold hands while trying to find and express three good qualities they saw in each other. After reporting to the whole gathering, they were asked to think of three good qualities describing themselves, somewhat harder to do for some. The point of this activity was that without identifying and appreciating students' good points and creating a bond with them, we cannot teach them anything nor build and promote values, for exploring values requires a way into their hearts. Equally, if we as teachers do not know and appreciate our own good qualities, we cannot give love or acceptance to students.

An exploration of the values of the those present followed. LVE sees educators as carriers and role models of values. Teachers went on to answer a questionnaire about the reasons they chose teaching as a profession which created a lively conversation.




After a short break, we focused on activities related to tolerance and participants were asked to refer to the way they handle problems such as student aggressiveness, racism and behavioural challenges in class. There was a reference to the use of active listening, conflict resolution and values activities that promote cooperation and unity in class.

Teachers later answered a questionnaire about their own beliefs and attitudes towards ethics and discussed specific problems they face in classes and how values could be applied to resolve them, or even better, prevent them from happening or happening in a severe way. They were asked to stand up, form circles, and participate in a bonding game.

It was a great audience and a lot more could have been discussed should there have been more time. Soteria Georgota and Eleni Kosmetatou are keen on organising a conference in Corfu in the summer of 2019. In general, it was a wonderful experience with plans for some of the participants to join us in Zante.

Submitted by Areti Foufopoulou



Hong Kong: Two LVE Workshops Generate Wonderful Plans

In March of this year, two full-day LVE Educator Workshops were held for fulltime teachers, social workers, school principals and policy makers of the NGO, Ediversity. The workshops were conducted in a local primary school and MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node. These riveting LVE workshops led by senior trainer, Trish Summerfield, left participants feeling enthused and excited.

After the workshops, great interest was expressed by all parties. They plan to introduce LVE as regular practice in their syllabus and curricula. The intention is to use the existent Chinese translation as a blueprint while awaiting the new books. Once these are available, a more user-friendly format will be shared with teachers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Submitted by Harry Wong




Indonesia: LVE’s Amazing Expansion Deepens and Continues

Trainers Meeting

Living Values Education Indonesia — Karuna Bali (LVEI) expresses its great appreciation and respect to the 17 trainers and the committee for their contributions at the LVE Trainer Meeting 26 – 27 January 2018 in Yogyakarta. Entering the year of 2018, the meeting became a special moment for trainers from five areas of Indonesia (Moluccas, Bali, Jakarta, West Java, Jogjakarta, and Sumatra) to review the implementation LVEI’s mandates. There are four main areas of concern for the next five years.

The first is Serving the Servant, LVEI’s main mandate for nurturing the seeds, the trainers. It focuses on maintaining a good relationship among trainers and providing them with support such as consultation and advance trainings. The second is Branding Awareness. The associate should maintain the uniqueness of LVE as an educational approach, activity, and source of course material. The third is Knowledge Production, focusing on developing and providing access to various activities, books, articles, lessons, modules, etc. It also provides space for and encourages trainers and users to share knowledge and reflection from the field. The fourth is Data and Information Management. The associate needs to manage data and information from trainers for trainers and other users.





Follow-up on Letter of Intent of PIAUD and ALIVE International

As stated in the last update, 15 members of the Association of Early Childhood Islamic Education (Asosiasi PIAUD) have signed the Letter of Intent (LoI) with ALIVE International. Led by Muqowim, the initiator of LoI signing, two of fifteen signatories began by conducting an LVE workshop within their academic institution. After the workshop, the Indonesian Associate received an invitation to take part in the National Seminar in Tuban, East Java, 5 April 2018. Budhy Munawar, Muqowim, and Philip Yusenda gave speeches at the event. There was also a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) prior to the seminar which included five representatives of Signatories and the Associate of LVE Indonesia. After the FGD, all participants joined a WhatsApp group set up by the associate to initiate long distance sharing and discussion. The FGD became a small step forward to see the potential collaboration in developing LVE in each area.





LVE for Educator Workshops

Eleven LVE Educator Workshops have been conducted by several organizations and universities in East Java, Jakarta, West Java, Jogjakarta, and West Sumatra during the period of January through April 2018. A group of active trainers from Yayasan Indonesia Bahagia, Yayasan Humanisti, UIN Sunan Kalijaga, The Asia Foundation, and Karuna Bali facilitated these workshops. Activities consisted of some of the following:

The area of East Java

Supported by The Asia Foundation, an LVE Educator Workshop was conducted by the Center for the Study of Religion and Multiculturalism (PUSAM) of Muhammadiyah University, Malang (UMM) 22 – 24 January 2018. Around 30 individuals participated in the workshop which was facilitated by Muqowim and Syamsul Arifin. The workshop was repeated 12–13 April 2018 in Muhammadiyah University, Surabaya. The workshops were facilitated by Muqowim, Budhy Munawar, Bambang Q. Anees, M. Ziaulhaq, Rani A. Dewi. The uniqueness of the two workshops, called LVE Pancasila, is that the courses were combined with courses about Pancasila. Pancasila is a foundational philosophical theory of Indonesia which contains five interrelated principles. Using the LVE approach, the participants were invited to discover and enliven their personal values and at the same time to revitalize the fundamental values of the nation of Indonesia within the Pancasila philosophy.

Still in East Java, an LVE workshop was presented at STAI Mifthul Ula, Nganjuk 1011 February 2018. Around 40 members of the Kindergarten Teachers Education Study Program (Prodi PGRA) took part in the workshop which was facilitated by Muqowim from Islamic State University (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga Jogjakarta. Muqowim also facilitated another workshop at STAI-Al-Hikmah, Tuban 1718 March 2018 where 15 people attended. A few weeks after the workshop, one of participants, Laily Kustur, shared the impact she felt after joining the workshop. “I am aware that I became more patient, especially during hectic days preparing campus event with my colleagues. We remind ourselves about our values. We have learned to understand to each other, taking deep breaths when something happens beyond expectation.”

The area of Bali

The Karuna Bali Foundation conducted an LVE workshop in Campuhan College 57 January 2018. The participants were eight women. Most of them were educators or future trainers of young people. They learned how to enliven the values and integrate them into their lives. The workshop was facilitated by Wayan Rustiasa and Philip. The three-day training was closed with an activity focusing on the realization of values and sharing what values participants want to implement in their jobs and lives for the future.

An LVE workshop was also conducted by Campuhan College Professional Program 2931 January 2018. Facilitated by Ni Wayan Yeniari and I.G.A Putri Meiyani, the workshop brought together 24 students of Campuhan College to reflect on their values, reviving them both individually and as a community. Marsya, one of the students, stated, “At the beginning I was very hesitant to mentor the children in the Let's Talk program ... after the LVE workshop I was more relieved. I am increasingly aware of the importance of fulfilling the five basic emotions for myself and for the mentored students.”

Throughout Nov 2017 to January 2018, Green School hosted a Living Values Education workshop for local educators on a weekly basis. Initially, 85 participants came to the Saturday session from 09.00 to 12.00. Ultimately, 53 passed all the weekly sessions and were awarded certificates of participation. At this stage, the local education agency has been supportive of the workshops. This workshop will be conducted annually in the future.



The area of Jakarta and West Java

In the area of Jakarta, an LVE Educator Workshop was conducted by Zakkier Foundation on 1618 February 2018. Sixteen participants actively joined the workshop. This three-day workshop was successfully done and brought joy to both participants and trainers. It was facilitated by Rani A. Dewi, a very active trainer, and assisted by Ita S. Mucharam and M. Nur Jabir. Rani A. Dewi continued the journey from Jakarta to Tangerang, Banten, West Java, where the Humanisti Foundation hosted a second workshop for 18 on 26-27 February 2018. Dini S. Eka and Satria Zamani acted as co-facilitators in this workshop.

Another LVE workshop was held in Garut, West Java, 810 February 2018. It was hosted by Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) Garut and supported by The Asia Foundation and PUSAM Muhammadiyah University Malang. Twenty-eight students from different faculties were actively involved in the workshop. All of them will form a core team for community service organized by the college. They will teach at nearby schools, showcasing alternative teaching methods for local teachers. The workshop was facilitated by Philip Yusenda. M. Ziaulhaq and Rofiq Azhar acted as co-facilitators.

Still in West Java, an LVE workshop took place at the Pesantren PERSIS (PERSIS Islamic Boarding School), 2122 March 2018. Facilitated by Epah Maspupah and Iqbal Hassanuddin, 18 educators enthusiastically took part. The facilitators were very encouraged by the enthusiastic response of the participants, "as well as their desire to attend the workshop again if there is a chance". A kindergarten principal added, "it would be better and effective if the entire school in the region gets this course.”




The Area of Sumatra

Rumah Anak Sholeh Foundation located in Padang, West Sumatra hosted an LVE Educator Workshop 67 January 2018. It was facilitated by Fitria Laurent who presented to 15 participants.


The Area of Jogjakarta

Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) Al-Ashfa, Jogjakarta, hosted an LVE Educator Workshop 10–11 March 2018. The workshop was facilitated by Muqowim and assisted by Ziadatul Husnah, a trainer candidate. There were 30 students involved in the workshop. Romli, one of the students, stated that the workshop had awakened his awareness that life is precious and should be livened up by values. “We cannot just follow the routine without being aware of what is valuable for our life,” Romli said.

Submitted by Elisabeth Natalina Huwa.


Kuwait: Living Values Festival — Be the Change

It was a joy to watch the smiles and feel the happiness in the hearts of children, parents and friends at the very first Living Values Festival in Kuwait as they came to live and rediscover their values. The many enthralling activities were creatively conceived and designed by Ioanna Vasileiadou and lovingly crafted through the teamwork of the Student Council, parents, colleagues and members of the wider community at the Kuwait American School. The purpose of the six hour event was simple: ‘Be the Change’.

The many interwoven values-based themes placed a strong emphasis on choosing to ‘Live Your Values in Ethical Ways’ through, amongst others, valuing the collection and re-using of recycling materials, creative artwork, fun filled games, healthy eating, physical activities and especially awakening the inner world of values.

The pictures show that many of the activities were especially designed and hand crafted to add authenticity to the occasion. Friends of Living Values Education who read this are warmly invited to consider adopting some of the activities in their own contexts.

  1. Creating the Atmosphere

Great care and time was taken to create a loving, colorful, attractive and safe environment welcoming everyone to the Festival. Soft pastel shades of fine cotton drapes were carefully selected and adorned the courtyard overhead together with painted umbrellas around the fencing. A stage for performances was constructed, and cleverly painted old car tyres with specially designed cushions were set around tables made from recycled pallets. Little touches of authenticity included values statements on tables, values-based blessing cards, flowers, simple quotations, values-based banners designed by the children and cheerfully played soft music to uplift the spirit.

One of the many highlights was the creation of a values-based garden. These wooden boxes, each painted with a different value, for example, joy, happiness, respect, etc — are now around the school with ‘Peace and Love’ adorning the entrance. The children’s comments, with pure pride: ‘This is the flower I planted’.






Highlighted in the following photographs are many examples that brought much joy for children and their mums and dads.

  1. Creativity and Design using Recycling Materials

Look out for:

Canvas Art and the painting of used CD’s. The completed canvas is now in the school’s Etiquette Room.

  • Lantern Making using recycled jam jars.

  • Art Decorations using recycled materials and feathers.

  • 3D Recycling Creativity using larger materials.

  • Angel Photography against a much-loved angel picture kindly created by community artist Michelle Pfeiffer.

Other activities included:

  • Dream Catcher Making to catch the best dreams.

  • Designing Jewelry — the winner of which would have their design professionally made and marketed by Sula’s Shop.

  • Design a Values-Based Banner and peg it on a washing line.




  1. Values-Based Games

Look out for:

  • The Jenga Game hand made from wooden blocks with different values written on the side. A very popular game.

  • Floor Chess with pieces made from recycled plastic bottles and card.

  • Treasure Hunting — a fun filled exploration game where plastic diamonds of different sizes and colors were hidden in the play area for young and old to discover.

Everyone was a winner and received a mini heart and values card on ring.

Other activities included:

  • Face Painting

  • Archery — very popular — can you hit the target?

  • Bowling — can you hit the target?

  • Matching Game — participants were invited to answer questions with multiple choice answers.




  1. Inner World Values-Based Activities

Look out for:

  • The Virtues Wheel fun filled activity where children spun the handmade wheel to discover the deeper meaning of their chosen values.

  • The Virtue Scope Activity that was very popular with older children and parents.

  • The Wishing Tree where everyone was invited to write a wish on prepared blank cards and then put the card on the tree for all to see.

This tree is now at the welcoming entrance to the school along with the Garden Boxes.

  • Signs and Quotes added to the atmosphere and the interest.

Other activities included:

  • The Worries Free Pot where children and adults privately sat in a comfortable area behind beautiful drapes to listen to soft music on headphones and write down their worries and give them away to the ‘Swan Pot’.

It was touching to note that most worries were about relationships and the future of the world.




  1. During the Day

Non-stop entertainment took place during the day including: musical performances from children, children with teachers and guests who gave freely of their time.

One particular highlight was the sharing of a play from the Kindergarten Teaching team about a young child who took comfort from her ever listening grandmother while her parents and teachers were always engaged with social media. All was well in the end when the family came together to listen, to read and talk with one another.

  • Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle

Special emphasis was also placed on healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. The day started with a yoga session, followed by a hoola-hoop demonstration and a child hoola-hoop session that captivated us all.

‘Non-junk food’ by way of only vegetarian and vegan options from, amongst others BE and Ginger, were well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. A healthy vegetarian food competition for mums and dads was also enjoyed by all as everyone tasted their lovingly made creations.


Towards the end of the day, an especially prepared sweet kindly donated by Harmony House and a values card were offered to everyone.   


  • The Promise of Tomorrow

All in all — a lot of hard work went into the preparation with long lasting memories that matched the joys of a values filled day with full hearts and happiness for all.


Living Values Education, Kuwait, is grateful to everyone who gave from their heart and made the day a significant success.


Submitted by Peter Williams



Kuwait: Live your Life: A skit about the effects of social media


This skit, “Live your Life”, was presented at the Living Values Festival in Kuwait.


It was a beautiful Spring Day — a perfect day to enjoy the simple outdoors. Nada was very excited and anxious to go out and play.

She ran to her mum who was sitting on the park bench.


‘Mum, mum…..Look at my picture’, she said.

Mum was too busy looking at her mobile phone and ignored her daughter.

‘Mum. Mum’, continued Nada, ‘But you’re right here!’

Mum replied: ‘Send me an email’.

Nada continued speaking to herself: ‘Oh-ho!! I just knew it! Never time for me…….always on the phone!’

Poor Nada was so disappointed and tired with her teacher who was sitting next to her mum.

‘Hello Ms Maria’, she said to her teacher, but there was no response.

It’s not surprising. She had one eye on her laptop and one on her i-pad and was checking her phone in-between time!

Nada tugged at her teacher to get her attention, but this only caused her teacher to get angry!

Nada knew it was no use. She just sat down in the grass.


It wasn’t but a few minutes later when along came her dad. All his concentration was on his phone as he by-passed his daughter without even a glance and sat on the bench.

Nada was so happy to see her dad. She immediately jumped up and ran to him. His face was just blank as he stared into his phone. He couldn’t be bothered.


Well, she knew exactly what to do. She went to her Grandma.

As soon as Nada asked her grandmother to look at her picture, there was no hesitation. Grandma praised her and they talked about all the details of the lovely picture.

‘Let’s see what else we can do today? said Grandma, ‘Play bubbles, ball, read a story?’

And that’s exactly what they did!

‘Hey, Granny, come and look at these ants…..aren’t they amazing?’

Grandma never hesitated to do anything Nada wanted to do, or look at anything Nada wanted to do, or look at anything Nada wanted her to see.

‘Yes, they sure are amazing, dear!’ said Grandma.

It wasn’t long before laughter came roaring from Nada and her grandmother. It actually got her mother’s attention who joined them and also began to laugh, which had a domino effect on her teacher and father who also joined in.

It wasn’t long before they all joined in, in a game of catch. Afterwards they read a story together.

End Piece:

Keep this in mind!

You can’t upload love — You can’t download time

You can’t Google all of life’s answers!!

You must actually live some of your life!

The play finished with everyone singing ‘It’s a Wonderful World’.



Nada – Nada Al-Karmi

Mum – Hadeel Jarrar

Father – Nadia Al-Jallad

Teacher – Maria Toll

Grandma – Alaa Abdullah



Dina Eidan



Turkey: Even Our Four-year-olds Use Values Words to Diffuse Arguments

“I am a psychologist and also the principal of the kindergarten this year at the Keystone International School in Istanbul. I have been doing Living Values Education activities for more than fifteen years in a variety of schools. Currently, we are engaging our children in the exploration of Love, Respect, Responsibility and PEACE in our Kindergarten. We also dealt with Violence Education training as part of the Peace Unit. Even our four-year-old students have begun to use the words violence, peace and responsibility during their arguments which often occur while they are playing.

As part of the responsibility unit, the Kindergarten children made an aquarium and began keeping fish at the. The fish are fed them every day. This is a kind of responsibility education.

A few of the children’s ideas about responsibility:

My mother gives me and my daddy some duties at home. These are our responsibilities.

My mother cooks at home and isn't it her responsibility?

I feed my cat and this is my responsibility at home.”

Submitted by Sibel Yalman

“Beyond the LVE activities currently being taught in at the Keystone International School in Istanbul, a one-day nationwide LVE Educator Training occurred in Turkey on 25 January 2018. Sixteen participants attended the training which was organized and announced by ORAV, a Teacher Academy Foundation. Activities dealing with the values of Respect, Cooperation, Peace were presented. In addition, communication skills and related exercises were undertaken, followed by a discussion on different ideas and practices on values in different parts of Turkey.”

Submitted by Sema Ozsoy, LVE Focal Point


United Kingdom: Values in Action: Nurturing 'Values Literacy

The late June Auton was a significant pioneer of values education in the UK, having spent about three years developing and then piloting in the primary school where she taught, the highly effective EDUCATION IN HUMAN VALUES programme that she used to launch the Human Values Foundation in August 1995.

Since then, around the world various movements have been springing up with the intention of providing a more insightful, holistic approach to education that better meets the needs of the emerging generation and equips them with competencies to flourish and succeed both during their school careers and as our exponentially changing world evolves.

For some schools, the intense focus on academic achievement is squeezing out of their timetables, the equally important development of essential life skills, as evidenced by the growing concern about the state of the mental, physical, emotional and social state of countless young people today. Bearing in mind the lack of opportunities for teachers’ values education training, here is a table with our 10-steps suggestions to help nurture values literacy throughout a school community

ADOPT a whole-school approach to valuing what’s important about life.

BUILD and integrate a balanced curriculum that that helps to foster growth mindsets.

CREATE a safe, supportive, cohesive environment.

DEVELOP strategies that promote everyone’s holistic growth so they flourish.

EDUCATE everyone about the empowering effects of well-chosen values.

ENCOURAGE the conscious use of values to guide thinking, choices and actions.

HELP everyone experience the joys of a values-led life.

PROVIDE information that nurtures everyone’s wellbeing.

SUPPORT good mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual life skills.

WORK with others to provide early, effective interventions if needed.

It is encouraging that, just as we have always been motivated by what is valued about life and as human beings, ever more researchers, educators, teachers, parents, schoolchildren themselves, positive psychologists, agents of change, conservationists and other stakeholders are being inspired to collaborate and thereby open up pathways to systemic improvements in education.

Understanding the empowering effects of ‘values literacy’ is spawning an increasingly conscious use of carefully chosen values to positively impact the operations of governments, businesses, public services, schools, charities, families and many other organisations and groups as well as individuals from all walks of life around the world.

Excerpted from Human Values Foundation - Life Enriching Values for Everyone Newsletter 44 – Spring 2018

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