Colombia Country Report - Latin América

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Representative to ALIVE: Luz Marina Noriega
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2023 June

Living Values Education is for everyone, everywhere; there are no exceptions. Discovering the relationship with our values can become a life-changing experience.To rekindle the activities of LVE in Latin America, Belen connected different people from various countries in the region and started the journey with their values through the DFT course. 20 people from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela joined the adventure. Of which 18 have completed the 12-week First Level.

LVE Everyone, Everywhere

Here are some experiences so far:

This has been very enriching, and I feel that they are qualities that I have discovered in me; and that this potential Living Values facilitates the spiritual endeavor that I committed myself to 12 years ago and to move forward in spiritual service to give others peace and happiness. ~ Irene Artavia, Costa Rica

The experience I have I lived throughout these weeks in the practice of values. The truth is that it has been a process of a lot of reflection, of profound observation of myself, my roles, and my essence. Rediscovering myself is the most rewarding thing I have experienced, also facing my limitations, and seeing opportunities for improvement applicable in my day-to-day life. I consider that the benefit has been for me, my family, and those around me, who can verify that I continue this path of training and awakening of consciousness, in order to make this world (starting with my environment) a better place.  ~ Edwin Balam, Mexico

I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in this personal journey of Living Values. Being able to live each value for a week, I was able to reaffirm within myself this nature of being. Just this week there were situations where values had to be applied. But above all, their coherence and complement of them have allowed me to flow naturally and with understanding. I saw it when I was redacting a poem and with ease, I wrote. Although I have not applied the group exercises yet, I know that at other times I have participated, and they have helped me to relive pleasant experiences. The time invested was justified in a disciplined manner and I have the satisfaction of having valued this special gift and having your support and warmth with great appreciation. ~ Maria Consuelo Quintero, Colombia

It has really been a new experience from the human point of view.... In all the workshops of personal growth, self-evaluation, and personal development that I have taken... This has been the best because it has made me more aware of who I am, and I am able to see others with more humility, as well as to how to see this human experience in a much simpler and easier way! Observing and enjoying EVERYTHING around me... I also learned that Love is the most powerful feeling and transforms humanity.... Because our source is love.... And if we are ALL well integrating each value into our lives we will make a Better World. A thousand thanks for such a beautiful contribution! Congratulations! ~ Francelina Fuentes, Venezuela

My experience has been that no matter how much you think you know, you will never stop learning and unlearning, each value exercise I chose gave me the opportunity to go deep withinmyself, how I saw or understood the value, one thing is to understand theoretically, but very different, when you confront what you think, say and act. Values are coherent, because you do not learn with only theory, which helps you understand, but the experience leads you to do and that generates a change of attitude, a change of thinking and acting. ~ Luz Marina, Colombia

Values as guidelines or norms of life have always been present in my life. They were like threads to follow or threads that held me: "Respect the elders", "Love your neighbor", "You must forgive". Concepts that were simply there regardless of whether they were understood, learned rules such as good morning or saying thank you. How all words, of course, have their energetic imprint, in addition to the force that is personally applied at the moment you use it. Now I can say that this whole learning process with Living Values drew a heavy curtain and let me see in depth. I now understand that when you experience Values as a way of life from the depths of your being, a door to consciousness opens and you become one with the universal force. There are no conflicts of concepts or correct or incorrect forms, because in you, there are no conflicts, you have understood that you only radiate what is in your being, what you have chosen to be: love, kindness, respect, peace, gratitude, honesty... Thank you for such a wonderful journey to this new being that I now recognize. With all my love. ~ Gloria Tovar, Venezuela

We will be having a Zoom meeting on July 1st 2023 to discuss the next steps, Level 2 to Become Certified as Facilitators of Values for Living Education in their country.