Widening the Reach of Living Values Education in the World

Reviewing ALIVE: Function and Purpose

Widening the Reach of Living Values Education in the World

  • How do we create greater Awareness, Visibility, and Credibility?
  • Manage online growth? Support our members?
  • Plan for the future? Bring Values to more countries?
  • Open LVE to people unable to reach workshops and trainers?
  • Take Values Awareness to the wider community?


ALIVE requires a Strategic Design – what does this mean?

Strategic design is the fusion of our organizational goals with every aspect of our design process. We aren’t simply designing a user interface that looks good and is usable and accessible. We are designing an interface that will help us accomplish our organization’s objectives.

The Objectives of ALIVE at this time

  1. To build rebuild confidence in the ALIVE, Board and activity. Create credibility as an effective force able to provide support and product to our people in the field.

  2. To open our organisation to greater visibility and potential.

  3. To expand the range of resources available to assist in meeting wider demands in the world today.

  4. To use electronic methods to deliver material to those unable to access workshops and trainers.

  5. To connect our members in a united global endeavour, providing interaction and sharing of ideas, issues and success.

  6. To manage administrative tasks efficiently providing members with the service and responsive action they deserve.

  7. To introduce new members in countries currently not able to receive Living Values Education.

Our Strategic Plan is required to:

Members: Rebuild Confidence, Create Credibility, Connect Members, Manage and Support Membership Efficiently.

Product: Resources, Libraries, Deliver Product Direct – Distance.

Expand: Introduce New Countries. Build Greater Visibility.

Interact: Build Our Data Base, Youtube Presence and Social Media.

Our website isn’t a piece of art; it’s an interface that serves a function. That function is to meet the objectives of ALIVE; through our Strategic Plan. The first thing our ‘prospects’ do is to search our name or that of our organisation in Google or, what it is we offer. This will speak volumes about our professionalism.

People look for the product’ by name, our name is “Living Values Education” – and what our organisation offers is – Values Awareness

Peace, Love, Respect, Cooperation, Responsibility, Tolerance, Honesty, Humility, Happiness, Simplicity, Unity, Freedom... and now new values are added.

Thus these two factors become paramount to our identity.

  1. High engagement and marketing impact – with the high internet penetration, having a website that is functional and up to date is key for our interaction with stakeholders and participants.

  2. Interactive options are important to keep our site alive and refreshed, incorporating a meeting place for our members.

  3. Lower costs of material distribution – a functional website helps cut marketing costs – we don’t have to print brochures, information, educational materials unnecessarily, as the members/trainers can find them on-line, download and customise.

  4. Our site must be optimized for social networks, user registration for our international and regional events, and membership management. Taken together, these functionalities are critical for the on-going member engagement and feedback – which are critical for the success of the organisation in the near future

Web design is all about crafting an interface that communicates function, is usable and accessible and exudes the right emotion and feeling, vital in demonstrating ALIVE is in itself and behaviour a role model for how to live and work in a Values Based Atmosphere - “Living in our Values”.


Measure results

Once we have designed and deployed our website, it’s time to measure our success. This is just as important as the first two steps because until we test how well our design performs, we won’t know whether or not it is effective in fulfilling/meeting our goals.

Important at the very least that we have some way of measuring our key objectives. We can use this information to see if we are moving in the right direction with our design and with any future changes client make. free tools like Google Analytics to get a lot of data on how our website is being used, including overlays of our pages to see what links people click on most as well as the ability to track conversion funnels.

Our ‘living’ Values website

Because of the very nature of VALUES the most important factor should be that the site is built around and encapsulating the 12 core Values. It represents the Values and they therefore must be the primary feature of the site. This could be depicted graphically depicted in the first impression – Values in Action.

  • We have to also visually depict where and how the Values are engaged.

  • While big emphasis in the current site is on school use, we must not forget the expansion of Values into other areas of human needs; young offenders, prisons, street children, refugees camps, earthquake victims, parents, (all now supported by activity books) business, and government. Values is about how all people live their lives and how each segment of the community can benefit.

  • The site should promote not only the 40 plus countries but also the diversity of engagement by all sections of society. An opportunity should to taken to ensure that Living Values Education is visibly depicted to span and exist beyond religious beliefs, could be done with photos clearly identifying multiple cultures, classes, creeds, colours involved in values activities.

  • Transparency and Inclusion - members should see the Board Meeting Minutes to understand what is going on in their organisation.

Welcome to your new livingvalues.net

Not Forgetting What We Represent

Peace, Love, Respect, Cooperation, Responsibility, Tolerance,
Honesty, Humility, Happiness, Simplicity, Unity, Freedom.

Supporting you - quick look at Website Content, Inside the Sub Headings

About Living Values Education

Objective: Introducing the Aim and Vision of LVE and ALIVE. Principles of the LVE Approach. What Values are focused on in LVE materials. The LVE Approach allows people to work with other values too. Values as an intrinsic human quality. How embracing these Values changes lives.

Peace, Love, Respect, Cooperation, Responsibility, Tolerance, Honesty, Humility, Happiness, Simplicity, Unity, Freedom.



Objective: To increase LVE awareness and build social media interface.

Monthly newsletters created from news ‘bites’ provided from country Associates and Focal Points.


Social Media Links

Objective: To increase LVE awareness and build social media interface.

LVE’s new YouTube Channel with video clips provided by Associates, in particular featuring Values activities to assist teachers in facilitation delivery.

Options for sharing aspects of site on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Living Values Education History

Objective: To increase LVE awareness and highlight the past success of using LVE and activities of Associates. Country Stories


Google Website Translator

Objective: To make the website instantly available in 100+ languages

Through the power of Google’s automatic translation service the website expands our global reach quickly and easily.



Objective: Refresh existing subscriber base of people interested in Values Awareness and Living Values Education – educators, students, businesspeople, community leaders, individuals and aligned organisations. Subscribers automatically receive in the moment news ‘bites’ provided from Associates and Focal Points, plus quarterly Country Reports archived by date for viewing as desired.

Subscriptions process conforms to new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Email Marketing


Associate/Focal Points Only

Objective: Provide resources for Associates and FPs and a platform in which they can share and exchange ideas as part of the overall ALIVE community.

  • Resource base for generic marketing/promotional materials – brochures, flyers, letterhead, business cards, approved logos.

  • Listing of ALIVE Members, online community meeting place for interactive communication between Members.

  • Email Helpline for Members – connected to point person for direction to appropriate assistance.

  • Local Funding “How to” and funding application.

  • Access to General Assembly Minutes archived by date. Copies of current ALIVE Articles of Association, Membership Regulations and Guidelines. Directorship application and expectations etc.

  • Access to and participation invited in the ALIVE Working Groups.
    • Teaching, Learning Content and Pedagogy Working Group
    • Communications Working Group
    • Partnership and External Relations, Working Group
    • Membership Support and Relations Working Group

  • Information about GMAIL accounts for each Associate/FP ([email protected]) for communication between them and ALIVE administration for updates.

  • Google Drive access for easy upload and sharing of photos/video clips for site.


Resources Library

New Living Values Education Activity Books covering 16 Values arriving progressively through 2018.

  • Living Values Education Age 3-7
  • Living Values Education Age 8-14
  • Living Values Education for Young Adults
  • Living Values Education Training Guide
  • Living Values Education for Parenting
  • Living Values Education Green Values - for environmental awareness

Links to Amazon to purchase books online

Links to Free ebook download for reading online or self print option.


New Special Interest Publications

For more information on these LVE aspects contact [email protected]

Living Values Education for Young Offenders
Free sample ebook download link for reading online or self print option

Living Values Education for Street Children
Free sample ebook download link for reading online or self print option

Living Values Education for Refugees
Free sample ebook download link for reading online or self print option

Living Values Education for Earthquake Victims
Free sample ebook download link for reading online or self print option


Foreign Language Materials

Objective: Providing the list of all country publications available in other languages.


Rainbow Activity Booklet Library

Objective: Supporting the main LVE publications “Rainbow” delivers LVE Approach and Activities on Values for use anywhere, without charge. Simple maximum 48 page booklet format – all ages and special interest groups, a ideal teacher’s resource to Values activities. Library is easily expanded to meet any needs, quick to edit, translate, print and deliver.
Free download links ‘For Self Print’.


Distance Programmes

In support of our Members own activities

Objective: ‘Distance’ delivers Living Values Education to all with internet access, regardless of location, offering Living Values Education activities that anyone can use anywhere without cost of travel or need for workshop attendance; suitable for family, group and individual personal growth. Materials provide how to develop; facilitator skills, personally engage activities, manage a group environment.

  • Living Values Education Home Study for Adults
    Activities drawn from Living Values Education workbooks 8-14 & Living Values Education for Young Adults incl. Audio tapes, Personal Journal.
    Free Download ‘for Self Print’.

  • Living Values Education Study Group/Start Your Own Group, “How to”
    Free Download for ‘Self Print’.

  • Living Values Education Distance Facilitator Training (DFT) Guide, information drawn from LVE Training Guide and other sources.
    Free Download for ‘Self Print’. Incl. DFT Application Form.

  • Video Clips as teaching tools for facilitators, teachers, parents.
    Free Download for ‘Viewing’ and “Living Values Education YouTube Channel”.

A Look Inside an Living Values Education Workshop

Objective: Insight into what is involved in a Living Values activity workshop, how a values-based approach can be applied with regard to other aspects of society and community life. Sample agendas of LVE training workshops and video clips of activities.


Living Values Education – “Living in Your Values”

Objective: Provide an interactive module, online 12 week practical opportunity for individuals to reflect on and understand the place of values in their own life and the extent to which they are living by the values in their own daily life.


ALIVE International Membership

Objective: Provide connection to each country Assoc/Focal Point with contact email address.

Offer support or exploration of possibilities for those wishing to initiate LVE in a country where there is no Associate or FP. Show ALIVE Membership Regulations?


Partnership & Support

Objective: Indicate willingness to partner with others and/or receive their support; acknowledge sponsors; include bank details for donations to ALIVE’s account



Objective: To offer information about the framework of ALIVE, its purpose and activities.

  • Legal structure
  • Listing Present Board Members with photos and bios; Exco Working Groups
  • Listing Board Member’s Regional Support roles (contact details will be in Associates only section)


What People Around the World Say About Values

A collection of meaningful inspirations, quotations and sentences about values demonstrating that Values transcend religion, borders and countries and are shared throughout humanity and embraced across cultures.

We continue to expand the range of materials for new Living Value programmes.

If you are seeking material to meet a particular market segment or special interest group and would like to assist in bringing together new material for your own use and others please contact: [email protected]