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Designer, Builder and WebMaster of - Living Values Education International
Living Values Education, (ALIVE), is an International non-profit organization dedicated to teaching Educators to teach children and young adults 12 critical social values.

This website gets over 7,000 visits per month, and requires regular and timely updates. I took charge of this ©1995 site in January of 2009, and I have completely re-diesigned the navigation and renovated this site from HTML 3 tables to custom CSS global design. With nearly 100 pages, this work is still in progress.

I also administrate PHPlist, an email campain manager. I prepare the newsletter for mailing to 7,000 recipients who recieve our newsletters regularly.

While everything on this site is navigable from the main menu system, since there are many pages on this site and many of the pages are very long, I have created a few direct links to pages with certain qualities:

eCommerce Sites:

Designer, Coder - My Silky Suds / Horseshoe Nail Sculptors

Designer, Coder - Jewelry by Alex

Co-Designer, Coder - Delphi Psychiatry
Co-Designer, Coder - Prizm Surveying
Co-Designer, Coder - Estudio Group
Co-Designer, Coder - University Place Pediactrics
Co-Designer, Coder - Wardrobe Warrior