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In This Issue - December 2010 Issue Number Thirty Nine

To Our Readers

Welcome to the thirty-ninth issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.

News and Success Stories From Around the World
  • ALIVE President's Message
  • Bangladesh: ALIVE and LEEDO Host a Training for Street Children Educators
  • Bonaire: LVE Introduced to Holland's Newest Municipality
  • Brazil: LVE Cited as a "Humanizing Influence" and for its Positive Effects on Students' Personal and Academic Life
  • Cyprus: Reflections on the Needs of Youth and the Importance of Love in Education
  • Egypt: Serving a Variety of Schools and Organizations
  • Nigeria: Empowering Myself – Empowering Others: A workshop for parents and children
  • Paraguay: Positive Results with Children At Risk
  • South Africa: Powerful Stories of Change with High School Students
What's New?

Survival of the Kindest!
Researchers at UC Berkeley are doing a wide range of studies exploring emotions and happiness. Experiments on the brain, nervous system, hormones, heart and social interactions are indicating that human nature and the survival of the species rely much more on compassion, gratitude, trust, and altruism than previously thought. The theory of "survival of the fittest" is giving way to "survival of the kindest." Psychologists Dacher Keltner, Rudy Mendoza-Denton, and sociologists Rob Willer and Christina Carter discuss their work and its implications for society.

Video produced by Roxanne Makasdjian, UC Berkeley Media Relations (7:40 min.)

International Calendar of Upcoming Training Events
View Details of Upcoming Training Events
  • Australia: LVE Young Offenders Regional Workshop
    1 – 6 April 2011 – Gold Coast
  • Nigeria: LVE Workshop for ECE Providers
    25 – 26 March 2011
  • Nigeria: 2011 International Youth Summit on Peace and African Unity
    20 - 26 June 2011 – Uyo, Akwa Ibom
  • USA: Create Peace and Respect in Your Classroom
    26 Feb and 5 March 2011 – Los Angeles
  • USA: Create Peace and Respect in Your Classroom
    23, 30 March and 6, 13 April 2011 – Los Angeles
  • USA: Create Peace and Respect in Your Classroom
    11, 18, 25 May and 1 June 2011 – Los Angeles

ALIVE President's Message

As we approach the end of the year, I look back on a recent trip to Poland where I worked with colleagues on Train the Trainer workshops and was privileged to visit schools and witness the development of Living Values Education through observing the children's work and their teachers' dedication and energy. ...

... The ongoing input to the questionnaire that we sent out to all the ALIVE Associates and Focal Points for LVE has given the Board the opportunity to develop your ideas and to plan for the future development of ALIVE. Our next Internation l LVE Community Meeting will be the ideal venue for planning and marking out our development over the next 5 years.

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News and Success Stories from Around the World
BANGLADESH: ALIVE and LEEDO Host a LVE Training for Street Children Educators

From the 11 – 16 October, a group of very caring and highly committed educators met in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for a Living Values Training for Street Children Educators with Trish Summerfield, the Focal Point for LVE in Vietnam, and one of ALIVE's Lead International Trainers. The educators were from several organizations working with street children in Dhaka, including LEEDO (who hosted the training with ALIVE), World Vision, ASK, Apon and Friends for Family. The group of educators highly appreciated the Living Values Activities for Street Children resource materials and found the lesson aims very appropriate for children living on the streets of Dhaka. ...

... ALIVE's Program for Street Children: Three Living Values Activities for Street Children (LVASC) resource books for children ages 3 to 6, 7 to 10 and 11 to 14, have been in use by multiple street children agencies and organizations since 2003. The LVE materials and trainings for street educators are offered with the aim of providing street children with care, an opportunity to build a relationship of trust with a nurturing adult, and protective social skills to help them be safe ...

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BONAIRE: LVE Introduced to Holland's Newest Municipality

Bonaire is a jewel, an island in the Caribbean Sea, 80 kilometers north of Venezuela. Surrounded by crystal clear water and featuring unique sea life, refreshed by a permanent, lovely breeze and blessed with a sky full of sparkling stars at night, it is a very special boomerang-shaped spot on the globe. The population is also special, an interesting mix of people with Indian, African and European (Dutch) roots who share a complex history, a colorful culture and some outspoken values. On Bonaire one meets pure, modest, very kind and open people who still take time for each other and for life itself.

In October 2010, Bonaire became a municipality of Holland – a challenging development on one hand, a chance on the other – a chance to reflect on and reinforce the beautiful and powerful values of the Bonaire culture. At the same time, LVE was invited to give a series of workshops for teachers, social workers and people working in daycare, drug rehabilitation programs, detention centers, etc. The initiative came from the Catholic Church and was warmly supported by the Bonaire governor and his Dutch wife as well as deputees of Education and Social Affairs.

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BRAZIL: LVE Cited as a "Humanizing Influence" and for its Positive Effects on Students'
Personal and Academic Life

The following is an excerpt from an article by Paulo Sérgio Barros, Atmosfera de Valores: O Princípio do Programa Vivendo Valores na Educação. Translated here into English, the article cites a few of the effects of implementing LVEP in hundreds of organizations in Brazil over the last 14 years.

The educational institutions that have effectively inserted the LVE methodology into their classes have been surprised at the positive effect on the personal and academic life of students. There are many successful experiences in schools developed from the partnership with LVE recorded in surveys and reports [1], in reports submitted to the coordinators of the Programme [2], or in educator reports during our LVE events in various parts of the country.

After activities with values at the Center for International Education (CEICOC) in Sao Luis, students/boosted their solidarity, cooperation, respect and love and started volunteer activities in the school's project of Action and Social Responsibility. They, organized exhibitions on values, produced peace manifestos etcetera, and became involved with other activities such as values-class, round-tables on
ethics, collective meditation and art events. Motivated by these activities and by a much more humane awareness of their children, many parents were attracted to the school and stressed the importance of an education based on values for the formation of children and youth.

The PH3 Educational Parnamirim Center in RN ...

... A researcher from the Department of Foundations of Education, Federal University of Ceará, Dr. Kelma Matos, in a recent publication (MATOS, BIRTH, JR NONATO, 2008) recorded some experiments and inferences about the LVE proposal in some schools in Fortaleza, citing  it as: "a new way to tune the school into a more welcoming and humanizing environment, where the aspect of emotion is the mediator in knowledge construction and the building of human relationships (BIRTH & Matos, 2008, p. 75), and as a way to recover the meaning of life," which is "the challenge for any education in values, and  the act of driving students to regain their confidence and hope and sense of sacredness of life" (Mendoca, 2008, p.199). Scholars of educational practices weave the web of "peace culture" in schools, and a significant number of the articles that make up the book, point out that LVEP is an effective program in the process of both individual and social transformation. ...

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CYPRUS: Reflections on the Needs of Youth and the Importance of Love in Education

Anastasia Stylianou, the Focal Point for LVE in Cyprus, shares, “Once upon a time I dreamed to be a teacher of LOVΕ.  I was inspired by Leo Buscaglia, a professor of love!  Ιn one of his books he wrote:
‘We need others. We need others to love and we need to be loved by them. There is no doubt that without it, we too, like the infant left alone, would cease to grow, cease to develop, choose madness and even death.’ Now as an educator this is a goal of life!

As the Living Values Education Overview mentions, it is globally accepted that young people are increasingly affected by violence, social problems, and a lack of love and respect for each other! It can be said that Cypriot youth did not remain unaffected from these negative global tendencies. I believe that one of the main reasons that these phenomena appeared in Cyprus society, besides our ...

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EGYPT: Serving A Variety of Schools and Organizations

The ALIVE Associate in Egypt, the Jesuits and Brothers Association for Development, has continued to develop a powerful group of LVE trainers this last year. As they have done for many years, they work on enhancing their own training skills and expertise. There are now 14 trainers on the LVE team and they have developed committees to organise different aspects of the LVE programme.

They have held three training workshops in the last year for educators in different organisations such as Coptic Orphans, a primary School in Manshiet, and the Key of Life organisation at Arment Luxor to name a few. Future plans include offering a workshop in Cairo for educators from nearly 20 private schools and other organizations and a further training for volunteers and trainers.

picture The development of the LVE programme in Egypt is ongoing and we wish to pass on our thanks to all those volunteer educators and those with other skills who help support the good work that is going on to develop LVE in Egypt. If you want to learn more about their work then contact them through their country email. Exchanging ideas and resources is a good way to support progress internationally and allows us to get to know each other better!

NIGERIA: Empowering Myself – Empowering Others

Nsikak Ekanem, the Focal Point for LVE in Nigeria and the President of the Values Educational Group, shared that in early November they hosted a seminar for parents and children titled "Rediscovering our Values". The two-day seminar explored how values build self-esteem and empower children to develop positive relationships. Everyone in attendance found it very interesting and valuable.

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PARAGUAY: Positive Results with Children at Risk

Miriam Ginzo, the President of the LVE Association in Paraguay recently sent some wonderful news along with a video clip. She wrote: “One of the 14 experiences in shelters and special centers for children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability or risk, is developing the LVE experience after a seven month period. The experience is being monitored by technicians with the At Risk Administration under the Ministry of Education, and there is considerable success. The results of teaching the children to visualize and meditate has enchanted the teachers. Here you can appreciate these photographs that show loving children.

On November 26, we finished evaluating all the experiences – they were truly marvelous. Some organizations had pilot groups, others directly applied LVE with the groups they had. The return of the monitoring is very positive. The technicians and the director said: “Finally we have found the tool we needed to reach these children.” ...

... In Spanish: “Una de las 14 experiencias en albergues ...

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SOUTH AFRICA: Powerful Stories of Change with High School Students

The three amazing stories that follow involve students from Dipty Naran’s former classes at a large high school in a very challenging area of Johannesburg, a city where drug abuse, physical abuse and HIV/AIDS are rampant.  

Story One: Not Working for an Escort Agency Anymore

Every Monday, Dipty noted that one of her students, a thirteen year old girl, was either absent from school or, if she attended, she was extremely fatigued. After a time, ‘Mary” admitted to her teacher that her Monday absences were due to the fact that she had to earn a living for her family, working weekends ...

... Story Two: From Hijacking Cars to Being a LVE Peer Educator

‘Jeff’ was a sixteen year old student who also was frequently absent on Mondays, a day he generally devoted to his favourite pastime when bored, hijacking cars. ‘Jeff’, who felt he needed the adrenaline rush which accompanied this activity, would drive the cars around aimlessly and then park them elsewhere. One day he was caught and arrested, and Dipty was called into the police station. As teacher and student chatted ...

... Story Three: From Drugs to Feeling and Acting Valued!

‘Rick’ was on the verge of being suspended from school for dealing drugs. Dipty shared her thoughts with him, “You are valuable.” She recognized that he had ...

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