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In This Issue – September 2013
Issue Number Forty-seven
To Our Readers From ALIVE’s President

Welcome to the forty-seventh issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.
News and Success Stories From Around the World

News and Success Stories

  • Hungary: Using LVE during Competitions to Remove Children’s Worry and Tension
  • India: Joy and Practicality – LVE Workshops in Bangalore and Indore
  • Maldives: A New Initiative by the ALIVE Associate – An LVE Preschool
  • Netherlands: The First LVE Model School in Holland – De Vrije Ruimte
  • Nigeria: Educational Efforts with Street Children, Parents and Educators
  • Togo: A New Website in Appreciation of Professor Adetou’s LVE Work
  • USA: The Milagro Center’s “Stars” Explain Humility
  • USA: Please like our LVE Facebook page!
What's New?

Let other educators, parents and community know your results! 

LVE Evaluation Forms

One of the best ways of showing the benefit of implementing LVE is to measure the results. ALIVE would like to share with educators and Head Teachers the new set of evaluation forms. If a whole school is implementing LVE, then the best form to use is the Whole School Indicators form. To corroborate the results, teachers and students can fill out pre and post surveys as well. Let other educators, the parents and your community know the results – and us too! Write us at

PDF Format – Evaluation Form for LVE students Aug 2013
PDF Format – LVE Evaluation Form for Teachers 8-2013
PDF Format – LVE Eval - Whole School Indicators

Ted Talks: How to Escape Education's Death Valley

Sir Ken Robinson outlines three principles crucial for the human mind to flourish – and how current education culture works against them. In a funny, stirring talk, he guides us out of the educational "death valley" we now face, and offers advice on nurturing our youngest generations with a climate of possibility.

International Calendar of Upcoming Training and Events

View details of upcoming training events on our website

  • Greece:
    • Caring for Our Students' Well-being: Promoting values means enhancing the quality of life
      26 October – Zante

  • Nigeria: 
    • LVEP International Children and Youth Forum on Positive Values
      26 October 2013 – Lagos
    • LVE Educator Workshop on Positive Values in My School
      30 October – 1 November 2013 – Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

  • Paraguay:
    • Eighth LVE Training for Educators of Children At-Risk
      April through November 2013 -- Asunción

  • USA:
    • Living Values Effective Parenting Workshops
      Last Thursday of every month – Miami, Florida
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From ALIVE’s President: A Welcoming Message

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Aristotle

Dear ALIVE Colleagues,

At a time of significant global change, we are again at a point of recognizing the need for values. Values are our ‘friends and sometimes forgotten friends’ that guide all that we do and nurture the human soul with its self-respect, sense of individuality and treasures within. Values cannot be taught, they can only be caught; and it is with gratitude that we continue to be inspired and deeply touched by the many ways that Living Values Education reaches out in such positive and creative ways.

Values-based educators around the world give from their hearts building values, hope, sustainable futures and unity through dialogue: and often in very difficult circumstances, helping to heal wounds that have been created through conflict, violence, despair, displacement, and amongst others, natural circumstances.

Recently, it was my privilege to facilitate a two-day ‘Train the Educator’ program in Kuwait to over 50 professionals from Middle East countries and further afield. We re-affirmed that as the innate goodness of individuals is concentrated on values, we see that shared values open the heart and transform human nature so that life is filled with goodness, self-worth, compassion, humility and a deep sense of belonging. The metaphor of the glass globe captured the sense of purpose.

Imagine a fragile glass globe representing the self, the natural world or someone very precious to you like a child. Would you throw the glass globe around the room like a balloon? Would you drop it? No. We all take care of what we love and all love differently. The members present, some of whom had suffered loss during the current regional situation, and with great dignity and royalty, held the globe to their heart.
It was Aristotle who said: ‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all’.
Intuitively, we know that to feel loved, valued, respected, understood and safe is all that is required for humanity to remember the beauty of positive values and the importance of creating harmony within and around our fragile globe.

It’s time to share our values and educate for the heart even more, and help to create a society where vision, space and opportunity is given to all to think, to grow and be the example we would like our children to inherit. It’s a vision worth aiming for, and with Living Values Education, an opportunity to be part of the solution to help bring hope and pathways to a better tomorrow.

Peter Williams

President, ALIVE

News and Success Stories from Around the World
Hungary: Using LVE during Competitions
to Remove Children’s Worry and Tension

LVE activities have become diversified in Hungary. We are no longer only in schools, kindergartens and parenting groups. An example of this is our work with various competitions and quizzes. Increasingly popular in Hungary, often only the winners enjoyed the competitions. Four years ago, we were asked to resolve this situation! We began by participating in the national finals of an environmental competition organized by the Curie Foundation in the town of Szolnok in Central Hungary with the feeling that everyone could enjoy a competition. Our result was that our inventions reduced children’s worry, tension and fear about competitions.

Our approach is different every year. We began with the competition "psychology,” helping participants realize that they become enriched with knowledge during the preparation. Focusing on that, they were not disappointed when they did not win in the finals. At other times, we discuss the non-physical aspects of environmental protection: the importance of the quality of our thoughts, feelings and words which create the atmosphere around us. They did well with the understanding that negative thoughts (e.g. we did not win) can also pollute!

We also shared our observations about the good qualities, for example, giving respect, cooperation and simplicity, of the elements of nature (i.e. earth, air, water and fire) throughout activities.  We explored approaching the elements with the same qualities in order to turn them into our friends rather than our "enemies."  As a result of these sessions, we were invited by the Bihar Foundation, Földes in Northern Hungary to participate in more children’s competitions.  The teachers there prepared the sessions conscientiously and with love. We exchanged experiences and suggested that they direct the children’s attention to their inner values as a preparation for the competition or ask them to explore how the competition itself could emerge values from the children. The values are enduring and useful in everyday life – lasting far beyond the competition.

Each year, the Hungarian Red Cross organizes a ‘first-aid' competition for primary and high school students in the town of Komló in Southern Hungary.  This year’s competition brought something new; two of the trainers had a very useful proposal. During breaks, short conversations were held regarding the seven principles developed and used by the Red Cross. We discussed the following: humanity, unity, universality and impartiality.  Questions came up such as, “What kind of human qualities does a good first aid provider have?” and “Did you think about it when you decided to take part in this competition?”

In the spring, the primary school at Kandó tér in Budapest organized an English language competition with the following slogan: “I believe that every person is born with talent.” (Maya Angelou) If an event is organized with a slogan like this, the message is clear for all.

Everyone feels like a winner in these competitions. Our LVE association, “B.É.K.E.”, helped to fill the time between the competition and the award ceremony. We could feel and see the ‘result’ from the atmosphere of a group session. See this video – It is important to know that half of the teaching staff of this school had already attended the B.É.KE. (LVE) refresher course; the organization shows that the application used by teachers is efficient. During these workshops, teachers, pupils and parents are mostly together, which is invaluable.  Our next newsletter will show that the effects of these workshops last longer than those of the competitions themselves.

The following was written by one of the teachers participating in this year's Curie competition.

“I tried to remember your words, but only some feelings emerged: calmness, love, and happiness. I remember your present at the end, the tiny plastic diamond. You said we each have values. It has helped me already to motivate myself when I was down. It was also helpful when I tried to inspire a child with disabilities to act in another way, though he believed that he was unable to do so. I realized that he was very good in other activities, and he enjoyed them. I understand now that each of us is a valuable pearl; the angle from which we look at others is important. We are all brilliant from a special view. As teachers we help children to see themselves and be real stars from many different angles. We make them shine.”

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India: Joy and Practicality – LVE Workshops in Bangalore and Indore

"We had an amazing LVE Workshop on the 24th and 25th of May at Bright Beginnings at Whitefield, Bangalore," wrote Uma Sridhar, the Focal Point for LVE in India. "It was an invocation for the teachers before the start of school year. The energy was astounding, with teachers participating with enthusiasm and zest. There was lots of sharing and exploration of individual values. The teachers were given value activities to do in the form of skits, mind mapping and using hands to demonstrate the values of Love, Respect and Honesty for children aged 3-6. These highly motivated, creative teachers were interested in learning how to inculcate values into the little ones with fun, laughter, music, skills and all the tools LVE has to offer.

The conflict resolution methodology was well received and tested. The teachers felt it could work well with children to diffuse tension. The Active Listening segment made the teachers reflect on their own behavior. They realized how involuntarily they use the blockers and stoppers which affect active listening. There was so much love and bonding for the new and existing teachers by the end of the workshop. Solutions and some changes for the school were discussed and will be tried out. We created a LUVRS (loved, understood, values, respected and safe) environment and went home happy and in high spirits."

The Indore LVE training was held from June 3-5th with 28 participants, including teachers, parents and youth, and was organized by the Submission Society, a social welfare organization.

It was a fabulous experience with lots of sharing, bonding and learning. There were youth stepping into work life and some just graduating from school. The age was no barrier for them to actively participate and interact with the older participants, settled in life and work. Some of the parents were surprised at how articulate the youth were and confident about their values.

One mother tried out the conflict resolution with her children and shared with us at how well it worked on the last day of the workshop. Some found active listening sessions to be an eye opener as they reflected about their own way of responding and listening. Others found the sharing immensely satisfying as it gave them the opportunity to talk and listen in a value based environment.

The workshop ended on a high note with lots of laughter and joy with the promise of implementing it in their daily lives and work.

A wonderful experience!

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Maldives: A New Initiative by the ALIVE Associate – An LVE Preschool

The ALIVE Associate in the Maldives began another new initiative, a preschool for children ages 2-6 years called, "Living Values Education Preschool, Maldives”. The school was registered in the Ministry of Education of Maldives on February 2013. We have a total of 112 students in the school covering the national curriculum with three formal languages (English, Dhivehi and Arabic). The school classroom settings are with 15 students and two teachers.

Currently, we get a lot of students with different disabilities for whom we are able to provide additional educators such as counselors and special educators. We also conduct monthly programs for parents where we give the home package for parents on LVE. These packages help the parents while in parallel the students also take up the same value through LVE activities in school. The school conducts extra activities which most students enjoy for confidence building. As a result, we are thinking of replicating this initiative at the end of the year.

For more information, please visit our Facebook page:

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Netherlands: The First LVE Model School in Holland – De Vrije Ruimte

“De Vrije Ruimte, the Free Space, is the first school in the Netherlands to commit itself as a whole school to the Living Values Education Concept,” reported Marlies Ludding van Loon, the President of the Foundation for LVE in the Netherlands. LVE activities began on September 1, 2013. This benchmark has followed a wonderful year of LVE workshops for educators and children for the educators and board of this school in the Hague, as well as LVE workshops to other organizations.


- 21st February 2013 workshop Board Primary School De Vrije Ruimte, The Hague
- 28th  March 2013 workshop Teachers Primary School de Vrije Ruimte, The Hague

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Nigeria: Educational Efforts with Street Children, Parents and Educators

LVE Nigeria reported some excellent educational efforts with educators, street children and parents with the help of the Be Free Global Micro-Grant and in cooperation with several partners. The Focal Point for LVE in Nigeria, Nsikak Obot Ekanem, noted the following positive outcomes.

120 educators were trained during April and May, 2013, with LVE sessions as well as other creative activities. These activities help children, especially those in difficult situations, to discover their hidden potential and inherent qualities, and to regain their dignity, self-respect and respect for others. They also help them to develop positive social and emotional skills and to redefine a sense of purpose in their lives.

200 street boys and girls, ages 4 through 30, from the 64 villages in Nsit Ubium have been trained in decision making, values, coping mechanisms, and acceptable behaviors, as well as survival and life-saving skills required to face immediate and long-term challenges.  The experiential and participatory approach of these workshops helps them grow toward their fullest potential, empowering them to engage in their various communities with respect, confidence and purpose.

50 parents have been equipped through family values workshops with tools and skills needed to implement effective rules, routines, correctives and positive reinforcement, in order to help their children understand and deal with their feelings and emotions, as well as to promote responsibility and positively reinforce good behavior.

A media campaign (Every Child is Special) was held in schools, churches, mosques, market and motor parks with the overall goal of reducing anti-social behaviour among children, stopping child early marriages, stopping abandonment of children and child trafficking, and increasing child self-esteem through decrease of child abuse.

50 street boys and girls have been resettled back with their families with ongoing monitoring and counseling.

15 street boys and girls are now undertaking vocational and entrepreneurship training in information communication technology (ICT), sewing, panel beating and spray painting, garment making, pottery, leather work, screen printing, metal and aluminum work.

A stakeholder's workshop was organized on taking legislative action to end violence against children and youth.  This workshop provided community leaders, government leaders and parliamentarians in Nsit Ubium with the elements of a comprehensive and multi-sectoral response to violence against children and youths.
LVEP also undertakes various consultations and dialogues with governments and stakeholders to strengthen this project through the following:

  • Development of a comprehensive, coherent and harmonized policy on children to promote children's rights in Nsit Ubium.
  • Harmonization of local and national legislation with the UN Convention on the rights of the child and the African charter on the rights and welfare of the child.
  • Implementation of key recommendations of the African charter on the rights and welfare of the child, the Call for Accelerated Action on the Implementation of the Plan of Action Towards Africa Fit of Children and the Algiers Common Position and Plan of Action of Strategies to Support Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Children Infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • Strengthening of protection to the abused, neglected, trafficked and street children, including protection and rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law.
  • Provision for children and adolescents, including those with disabilities, to ensure food.  security, clothing, housing and other basic needs.
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Togo: A New Website in Appreciation of Professor Adetou’s LVE Work

Denis Adetou, a young member of the Living Values team in Togo, has created a dynamic new website to appreciate the work of his father, Professor Joseph Adetou, and the LVE team, who coordinate Living Values activities in schools in Togo. Denis is grateful to Joseph and to ALIVE for inspiring him to lead a happy and successful life based on values.

Denis invites you to visit and enjoy the website.

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USA: The Milagro Center’s “Stars” Explain Humility

The Milagro Center, in Delray Beach, Florida, is an arts and education program that nurtures the seeds of creativity, “builds an indestructible sense of self-worth”, and empowers children to reach their fullest potential through Living Values Education. Each month the Director sends out a newsletter, sharing the children’s thoughts about the value of the month. This month, the "STARS" focused on the value of humility.  Below is how the youngsters explain!

"Having humility saves the day."  - Ethan, age 5
"When you act respectful to others."  - Jazmin, age 9
"Showing humility is the right thing."  - Kaya, age 10
"Humility is when you don't brag about yourself."  - Angely, age 9
"Humility is when you listen to other people and don't do all the talking yourself." - Laniya, age 9

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USA: Please like our LVE Facebook page!

Santiago Navila, a new member on LVEP, Inc.’s Board of Directors, has a passion for art, creating a better world for all and letting people know about the magic of LVE. He has written the following to ask you to “like” our Facebook page and spread the word!

Dear LVE lovers and supporters,

In a brave attempt to further the work of LVE, we are asking all of you who participate in the social networking phenomena (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...) to please help us spread the word by requesting your friends to "Like" our LVE page:
and link your friends to the international website:

If you have time, please write a note to those wonderful friends who have a wide network of friends and engage them in spreading the word. For those of you who are teachers and facilitators, please ask your students to tell their friends about LVE.  By having our network of family, friends, students and colleagues engage with LVE, we will be able to reach more educators throughout the world who can take benefit from this wonderful method that re-invigorates, re-ignites creativity and enthusiasm and empowering us with the ability to build a more nurturing and dynamic environment for learning. We thank you all in advance for all your wonderful efforts!

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