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In This Issue – May 2013
Issue Number Forty-six

To Our Readers From ALIVE’s President

Welcome to the forty-sixth issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.
News and Success Stories From Around the World

News and Success Stories

  • Brazil: Algumas atividades do Programa Vivendo Valores na Educação
  • Greece: LVE in Zante
  • Hungary: A Little Girl Reacts to Values Cards
  • United Arab Emirates: LVE on TEDTalks
  • USA: LVE Reduces Need for Disciplinary Action to Almost Zero
  • Venezuela: University Students Discover the Value of LVE during Community Service
What's New?

Living Values Education Aide Memoire

The LVE Aide Memoire summarises, on one sheet of paper, five inter-related strands that help bring Living Values Education alive. Whilst ALIVE fully supports the creation of a better world based on a knowledge economy, Living Values Education goes one step further by focusing on our approach to learning based on: the message we give through our presence, the importance of ‘walking the talk’ and the joy of discovering and living our values. The headings in each of the five colored horizontal strands: ‘Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere’, ‘The Heart of Living Our Values’, ‘Everyday Practicalities’, ‘Reaching Out’ and ‘Nurturing the Soul’ act as an aide memoire to our approach to facilitating, learning, creativity and giving in our learning communities.

Read more about the Aide Memoire in the letter by ALIVE’s President, Peter Williams, below.

To view the Aide Memoire, please click here.

International Calendar of Upcoming Training and Events

View details of upcoming training events on our website

  • India:
    • LVE Seminar
      3 – 5 June 2013 Indore
  • Netherlands:
    • LVE Workshop for Children 4 – 7
      10 June 2013 – The Hague
    • LVE Workshop for Children 8 – 13
      17 June 2013The Hague
    • LVE Workshop for Young Adults 13 to 17
      14 June 2013The Hague
  • Nigeria:
    • LVEP International Children and Youth Forum on Positive Values
      26 October 2013Lagos
    • LVE Educator Workshop on Positive Values in My School
      30 October – 1 November 2013 – Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
  • Paraguay: Eighth LVE Training for Educators of Children At-Risk
    April through November 2013 – Asunción
  • UK: Values-Based Education Train-the-Trainer
    26 and 27 June 2013 – Cardiff, Wales
  • USA:
    • LVE Workshops for Educators, Counselors, Psychologists and Principals
      19 – 21 July 2013 – Novato, California
    • LVE Workshops for Educators, Psychologists, Drug Counselors and Principals
      8 – 11 August 2013 – Haines Falls, New York
    • Living Values Effective Parenting Workshops
      Last Thursday of every month – Miami, Florida
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From ALIVE’s President: A Welcoming Message

Dear ALIVE Colleagues,

On behalf of everyone at ALIVE, I would like to extend a very special message of gratitude from us all to Shelagh Moore who, after four very productive and dedicated years to ALIVE as our Vice President and Board member, has stepped down to dedicate more time to Living Values Education training and facilitation especially in the UK and Europe. Thank you, Shelagh. Our new Vice President is Areti Foufopoulou from Greece and we would like to wish her every success as ALIVE continues to grow.

I would also like to extend my warmest greetings to our new Focal Points, Mr. Dhruba Prasad Ghimire and Ms Diana Silaghi, representing Nepal and Romania. Our Living Values Education family is continuing to grow with over 60 countries represented in over 30 languages with our latest translation into Turkish almost ready for printing. A reminder, too, that nominations are open to become an ALIVE Board member commencing summer 2013.

This newsletter welcomes the launch of the Living Values Education Aide Memoire. Please following the link above in What’s New.

What is the Living Values Education Aide Memoire?
The Living Values Education Aide Memoire summarises, on one sheet of paper, five inter-related strands that help bring Living Values Education alive.

Whilst ALIVE fully supports the creation of a better world based on a knowledge economy, Living Values Education goes one step further by focusing on our approach to learning based on: the message we give through our presence, the importance of ‘walking the talk’ and the joy of discovering and living our values. The headings in each of the five colored horizontal strands: ‘Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere’, ‘The Heart of Living Our Values’, ‘Everyday Practicalities’, ‘Reaching Out’ and ‘Nurturing the Soul’ act as an aide memoire to our approach to facilitating, learning, creativity and giving in our learning communities. 

How to use the Aide Memoire?
Each culture, each context and each individual will have a preferred way to approach values-based learning. One model does not fit all. For example, some locations in the world prefer to learn about the theoretical model first, some seek practical strategies to use in the classroom, some seek to apply the values that are important to their culture at that moment of time, whilst other locations seek strategies to help sustain the educator or to share stories to create a sense of belonging.

To help accommodate the requirements of all stakeholders, ALIVE gives the facilitator permission to introduce Living Values Education from anywhere on the aide memoire, with the understanding that all 5 strands should be addressed, as together, they make up a fuller holistic picture. The key is to break away from ‘a way’ to ‘an authentic approach fit for purpose’- a facilitation guide with an openness to creativity that will engage and empower educators to be the example through the message of their face, heart, contribution and positive living example.

Why the Aide Memoire at this time?
Living Values Educators are deeply touched by the richness of diversity and approaches to learning across the world and simply wish to contribute as much as we are able. The Training Guide, originally authored and edited by Diane Tillman, formed the basis of the LVE Aide Memoire discussions at the Living Values Education Conference in Cyprus last August, and, after sharing wording, translation interpretations and strategies around the world, we wish to offer this facilitation model, format designed by Nadeem Rahimi from Kuwait, to all. Translations into a number of languages are in preparation and will be posted on the website.

The Certified Living Values Facilitators around the world will also have access to an additional four page aide memoire of how to facilitate and invite in best practices to each of the elements within each colored strand. We cordially invite you to request their expertise to assist you in the development of your Living Values Education programs, by contacting the Country Associates, Focal Points or ALIVE.

Taking Inspiration from one another
Living Values Education recognizes the unique contribution of each individual, the inter-relatedness of each strand within the aide memoire, the richness of shared values, and an understanding that values priorities change over time. I wonder, what personal values would you choose for Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere, The Heart of Living Our Values, Practicalities, Reaching Out and for Nurturing the Soul? Feel free to add these to the final element of each strand. Each choice will be unique.

Share your stories with one another, please. It will help us all be better people, wiser facilitators and help to create a world that we can call our ‘one family’ home based on our common inheritance and language of values.

Peter Williams, President of ALIVE

News and Success Stories from Around the World
Brazil: Algumas atividades do Programa Vivendo Valores na Educação

Nos anos de 2011 e 2012 o VIVE Brasil continuou com as suas atividades no país com o apoio da Brahma Kumaris, Instituto Vivendo Valores e outras instituições paceiras. Em São Paulo, em 2011, o VIVE teve boa atuação na capital São Paulo e em outras cidades como Vinhedo, Valinhos, Piracicaba, Itatiba, Amparo, Itapecerica da Serra, Piquete, com cursos de formações e outras atividades.  A partir de São Paulo, outras partes do país foram atendidas: Minas Gerais (cidades de Belo Horizonte e Três Corações) Mato Grosso (cidade de Primavera do Leste). No estado de São Paulo foram capacitados educadores de 16 escolas estaduais e municipais, com um total de 368 educadores. Outros eventos promovidos durante 2011 foram Workshops sobre Festas Junina de Valores, Bullying, Escuta Ativa, Primavera de Valores. Este último organizado em parceria com outras organizações no Parque Ibirapuera, cujos frequentadores tiveram a oportunidade de confeccionar e admirar uma Bandeira da Paz de 10 metros quadrados (ver vídeo em:

Paulo Barros


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Greece: LVE in Zante

In March, an introductory seminar on LVE took place for teachers on Zante. Topics covered strategies for developing a healthy class climate, creating positive self-concepts, building empathy, and implementing values-based discipline to manage the classroom. Participants learned how to introduce values to their classrooms and schools, the importance of parental and community involvement and how to achieve this. Specific tools such as self-observation, self-questioning and self-acceptance as well as the value of silence and visualization, effective use of circle time and reflection points were studied. Another area of emphasis was the importance of switching from ‘reaction’ to ‘action’ through active listening, conflict resolution and role playing following the LVE model.

Trainer, Areti Foufopoulou, writes, ‘Values Education is a continuous process where feedback from students, colleagues, parents and the community is constantly given in explicit and implicit ways. Improvement in class climate and student behavior will gradually build up and function as an incentive for further development.”

The teachers received information on Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence as well as his multiple intelligence model. A discussion on the ways interpersonal and intrapersonal emotion intelligence manifest in the classroom, school and society followed. Finally, the impact of the relationship between high emotional intelligence and gender development and gender issues was also investigated.

The LVE Team in Greece conducts monthly seminars in Athens and is currently engaged in ongoing LVE Workshops in Zante.

Areti Foufopoulou

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Hungary: A Little Girl Reacts to Values Cards

The “Thought Creator Club” has been working for almost a year and a half in the town of Komló in the southern part of Hungary, meeting twice a month. Robert, one of the attendees, is a volunteer in an institute for children with heart problems. Before Christmas time, as always, the club leaders and programme organisers made small cards with thoughts about values for children. The cards were delivered by Robert. He recounts the following story about the cards he distributed.

“I did not really expect anything special to happen during the distribution of the values cards,  but at the end of the celebration I observed a little girl collecting all the cards. I asked what she was doing. Sophie told me that she planned to hang them on her Christmas tree. ‘As decorations?’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘you know these nice cards must have been written by angels and if I take them home, my daddy in Heaven will see that I love him very much.’ As she stared at me with her big eyes, I felt the huge love of this tiny girl. “You know the angels who wrote these cards, don’t you?’ she asked.  I thought a long time about how to respond but her pressing look demanded an answer and I answered, ‘Yes, I know them.’   ‘It’s OK,” she said. “Wish them Merry Christmas.’ As we spoke, she tucked all the cards into her little bag.

Sophie Fried, President, ALIVE Associate in Hungary

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United Arab Emirates: LVE on TEDTalks

Mariam Fozan, UAE Focal Point and one of the board of director members of ALIVE, recently gave a TEDTalk entitled, Live your Values, in the United Arab Emirates. During her talk, Mariam discussed her experiences with ALIVE and shared her journey of bringing LVE to the UAE.

More information can be found at, scrolling down the speaker list and clicking on Mariam. TEDxAjman is an independent event licensed under TED and operating under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamaid Al Nuaimi.  This organization focuses on inspiring talks and new ideas that have the power to change the world.

Mariam Fozan, Focal Point for LVE in UAE

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USA: LVE Reduces the Need for Disciplinary Action to Almost Zero

Lórien Eck, shares her experience of using LVE in the Los Angeles Unified School District: “Living Values Education has been an invaluable tool whilst teaching at the secondary level for a decade in the Los Angeles public school system. Year after year, my personal number of referrals to the disciplinary team, including counselors, deans, and school administrators, was close to 0%! I garnered the respect of my peers and administration with the reputation as the teacher who could manage her classroom and where students joyously chose to be daily! Through my consistent application of the Living Values tools and my most favorite "Values-Based atmosphere", my students felt safe, understood, loved, valued, and respected. I am pleased to share that my personal practice of LVE reflected in my classroom, provided over 2,000 students ages 11-18 a solid foundation and philosophy of living lives filled with courage, character and values.”

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Venezuela: University Students Discover the Value of LVE during Community Service

Earlier this year, from January 25th through 29th, a group of university students participated in an LVE Educator Training at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. These students were finishing their undergraduate program in different disciplines: Anthropology, Sociology, IT, International Studies and Math. One of the graduation requisites for university students in Venezuela is to complete six weeks of Community Service, for which they receive training in an area of their choosing from programs offered by the Community Service Department of their Alma Mater.

The Community Service Department at Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, offers 60 different programs and, on this occasion, 30 of these future professionals chose to be trained in a program called Children in a World of Peace which includes training with LVE. As a result, these students were trained to do their community service in Values, working with children of different schools in low income suburbs around the city of Caracas. During the training the students focused on reflecting, using different activities such as  drawing, discussing, and sketching differences and the impact of the presence and lack of values like Peace, Happiness, Tolerance and Freedom in our lives and, especially in children’s lives.

Some of the students shared the following comments:

"To me this training was highly enriching and entertaining, besides it allowed us to somewhat re-encounter our inner child and also help us re-think many of our actions and behaviors in life."  MARIALEJANDRA
"Please continue training more youth, it would even be very good if this program would reach all the public and private universities in this country."  FALBERTH
"I would very much like to see this type of training be ongoing at the university, because it really would help students and professors alike."

Belén Romero, Focal Point for LVE in Venezuela

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