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In This Issue – August 2011
Issue Number Forty-one

To Our Readers From ALIVE’s President and Vice President

Welcome to the fortyfirst issue of Living Values e-News, the electronic newsletter of the Association for Living Values Education International.

News and Success Stories From Around the World

  • Australia: Company Embraces the Ethics of Living Values as a Culture Change Program
  • Great Britain: Values Activities Strengthen the Family Unit, bringing home and school closer
  • Nigeria: Youth Round Table, under the Auspices of LVE, seeks to mobilize the energy of youth to transform government
  • Poland: A National Values Art and Poetry Contest, a documentary film about LVE and a plethora of LVE workshops
  • Reunion: A new values Resource is launched, en français!
  • USA: LVE on YouTube!
  • Children Participate Around the World

What's New?

We are pleased to announce that our LVE International Conference will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa this year from December 6th through 8th. ALIVE meetings are scheduled December 1 – 5 as well as the morning of December 9.

ALIVE business includes:

  • Capacity building workshops over four days
  • ALIVE Board meetings
  • Various ALIVE activities
  • General Assembly for ALIVE Associates and Focal Points for LVE

International Conference, December 6 – 8

The LVE International Conference is being held by ALIVE in association with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) which holds the research Chair for Values Education awarded by UNESCO within the framework of the UNESCO University twinning project (UNTWIN).

  • The conference is a platform for the dissemination of the best research that has been done under the UJ/UNESCO/UNTWIN project to the broader public.
  • UJ and ALIVE will co-operate on the conference content which will include international speakers as well as workshops.
  • During the conference period we plan to do workshops for 600 principals and teachers.
  • The target group of 600 educators will receive a certificate of participation, a manual, a gift bag with a DVD of the workshops, contact information and a memories photo pack with pen, a pad and other goodies.

For more information, email:

Our group on LinkedIn is growing. If you would like to join in discussions or have questions, follow the steps below:

  • Join LinkedIn –
  • Go to groups – Association of Living Values Education International – ALIVE and apply to join.
  • When you join, please tell us about the values work you do and if you want to start a discussion, please do so.
International Calendar of Upcoming Training Events

View details of upcoming training events on our website

  • Germany:
    • Living Values Seminar, Part 2
      26 – 28 August 2011 – Berlin
    • Living Values Seminar, Part 1
      30 September – 2 October 2011 – Kiel
    • Living Values Seminar, Part 2
      11 – 13 November 2011 – Kiel
  • South Africa:
    • ALIVE International Conference
      6 – 8 December 2011 – Johannesburg
  • USA:
    • LVE Educator Workshop
      17 – 18 September 2011 – Thousand Palms, California
  • Vietnam:
    • LVE Educator Workshops
      25—26 July and 3—4 August 2011 – Hanoi
  • Zimbabwe:
    • Inspirational Teaching – Classroom Management Through LVE, Module 3
      17 – 19 August 2011 – Harare
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From ALIVE’s President and Vice President: A Welcoming Message

At the December ALIVE General Assembly and International Conference being held this year in South Africa, we want to engage around this issue in a meaningful and practical way. In order to do this we would like to hear from all our members and the extended family, including those who regularly receive and read our newsletter, on how they view this potential.

One of the key reasons I was persuaded to become President of ALIVE was to help grow the organization and to make alliances with other organizations involved in similar activities. In the process we have discovered that most of these organizations have resources that presently ALIVE can’t match and therefore we cannot expand beyond the present activities. For that reason, ALIVE could be considered a ‘weak’ partner.

In looking at the successful organizations that sustain themselves while staying true to their core purpose, Amnesty International stands out as such an organization which has a membership base of over 3 million worldwide and it is these members which provide the key support through their membership. This funds a team of management professionals worldwide including professional fundraisers which is complemented by volunteer members who support the various initiatives.  BZN an ALIVE affiliate in Belgium operates in a similar way; they successfully manage their operation and programmes through the fees of their 200,000 plus members. They successfully operate with a team of 100 employees and 1,500 volunteers. Both these organizations began as a volunteer groups and when the expansion of their activities necessitated funding to become fully realized they changed their structures to become membership based organizations that now have the capacity to make a significant impact on the world arena.

If, for example, the 6000 plus friends of ALIVE that receive our newsletter several times a year were to become members at a nominal, tax deductible, membership fee growth would be attainable. If then all the teachers that would be trained were also made members after their training we can grow the base and increase LVE activities.

We have already become aware that one of the impediments to ALIVE making a good many partnerships is the lack of organizational capacity. This is directly related to the lack of resources available to do more of the amazing LVE work, work that is presently undertaken by volunteers around the world, and to effectively manage the process of expansion. There is undoubtedly a need for LVE and there is a huge demand that cannot be met from within the current organizational structure. By making a shift, while not losing any core values, ALIVE could expand and so increase its sphere of influence and impact worldwide. This in turn would elevate the status of ALIVE; allow for better governance, greater capacity building and enable more key partnerships.

I believe that ALIVE could become that strong and pro-active if the shift to become a membership based organization is made. What do you think?

Markus Moses

ALIVE President

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News and Success Stories from Around the World
AUSTRALIA: Company Embraces the Ethics of
Living Values as a Culture Change Program

Last November we held an introductory one day seminar at company in Canberra which resulted in a recommendation by their staff that management adopt LIVING VALUES as their Culture at every level throughout the Company.

Looking at the wider potential of living values...

In Australia, the opportunity to bring Living Values Education to schools has been stifled due to bureaucratic and administrative difficulties. This has encouraged LVE Australia to take values awareness into the community.

Last year we introduced Living Values Education as a 'change in culture' – re-framing how management and a team see themselves and relate to one another and to the clients or customers they serve.

The Living Values program requires courage to implement. It requires progressive thinking to embrace a complete turn around for organisations that have been founded and focused on volume, profitability and performance based ideology. Not withstanding this, a company based in Newcastle and Canberra, New South Wales, which has established a business caring for teenagers and young adults in 24-hour supervised housing, decided to embrace the possibility. They recognised that to move to the next level of excellence they needed to change the approach to their ethics and all relationships. 

They chose to embrace the Living Values Culture program at every level of the organisation, extending, most importantly to their young people, their 'clients'.

Meeting others’ can we serve you best?

A proposal was put to the organisation following an audit undertaken with 18 staff interviewed in the two cities, focusing on how they might create change by implementing Living Values.

We offered a three stage program that would empower management and staff alike to embrace Living Values developing pro-active initiatives in caring for young people and improving day-to-day operational matters in a cohesive and effective manner, through respectfulness, integrity, personal responsibility and tolerance.

Following the audit, we held a customised LVE weekend workshop in which management, administrative and care givers participated. The Values activities were designed to meet both personal and company challenges and goals and showed how effective it is to have common communication at all levels generating improved working relationships and increased self-responsibility. In the process, the group united to support the Living Values Education culture environment. A Culture Change Team of four members drawn from all three levels of the organisation was established to supervise all 100 staff in the introduction to the Values. The Living Values Home Study program with activities based on the core 12 values provides a new 'corporate' value every two weeks. This value then becomes the theme for the working environment. Values signs appear at all work stations, as signatures in emails and in-house correspondence. All staff including management is required to submit at least one completed activity from the Home Study program answering questions relative to the value of that period. The Change Team monitors results and keeps everyone on track.

The owner of the company and the administrative assistant both participated in a LVAYO (Living Values Activities for Young Offenders) workshop to gain an in-depth understanding of working with young people the Living Values Education way. Our goal is to provide the organization with the support they need to become a Living Values “Model Site” in the next six months.

Living our values, sharing respect and positive regard for one another in our working environment is more than just getting performance, it becomes a way of life. Without these qualities, we have little chance of helping people and growing our world from hopelessness and isolation to peace, belonging and respectfulness. The Culture Change program has the potential to address all of this.

One final note: We are all short of funds for our Living Values programs. The Culture Change program will greatly increase employee work ethic, improve customer relations and naturally impact positively on profitability. Companies expect to pay for this service so if you are seeking to gain income to support your other LVE activities consider this program.

Raj Miles, Co-Focal Point for LVE in Australia

Other Living Values Associates and Focal Points are invited to review the Culture Change program in depth online at

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GREAT BRITAIN: Values Activities Strengthen the Family Unit,
bringing home and school closer

LVE Vice President, Shelagh Moore, writes, “I met Gill at an LVE TTT at Oxford. She got into LVE through the West Kidlington Primary School in Oxford, of which Neil Hawkes, a former ALIVE Director, was Headmaster. This is a great example of how values can be taken forward.” The link below features Tesmagazine’s 15 April edition on strengthening the family unit.

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NIGERIA: Youth Round Table, under the Auspices of LVE, seeks to mobilize the energy of youth to transform government

Mobilizing the power to make life in Africa more democratic, more secure and more sustainable is the challenge of this generation, hence the recent Youth Round Table on Peace and African Unity in Lagos, Nigeria. The gathering provided a platform for young African scholars to positively engage and interact on the challenges facing Africa, suggesting policy that African governments could consider to promote the well-being of their citizens while building economic prosperity where poverty and inequality no longer exist, where social justice thrives and the voices of all people are heard.

The Round Table was attended by about twenty young scholars and experts representing various sectors of society. They discussed a wide range of issues and identified strategies to address them. Strategies included developing a program to prevent and respond to security challenges, deepening knowledge and international attention regarding Africa’s crises, improving institutional capacities in peace and security and exploring options for capacity building in sustainable peace, stability, and development. They called for the need to address sexual and gender based violence; promotion of social protection targeting poor and vulnerable groups; structures, policies and laws to improve youth participation; increased vocational education and training; establishment of vulnerability indices; and capacity building for communities.

Selected outputs from the discussion will be presented at the 2011 International Youth Round Table on Peace and African Unity in Nigeria. This international event will also provide an opportunity for young professionals and young scholars to share and debate their ideas and vision with a broad spectrum of the civil society.

Nsikak Obot Ekanem

For further details of this Round Table can be found at:;

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POLAND: A National Values Art and Poetry Contest, a documentary film about LVE and a plethora of LVE workshops

The LVE Association in Poland organized many activities from January through June 2011. These included holding a national artistic and poetic contest, eight workshops, three of them with Shelagh Moore, the Vice President of ALIVE, presenting LVE at three conferences, and making a documentary film of LVE being implemented at a school.

Congratulations to the LVE team in Poland for their amazing dedication and work. Below are some of the award-winning pictures from the national contest. For a full report, kindly link here.

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RÉUNION: A new values Resource is launched, en français!

Donne à ta vie sa vraie valeurGive your Life its true Values … features a collection of pedagogic experiences from educators in the Indian Ocean region and is offered in homage to long time Living Values Educator leader, Mila Ramgoolam, who passed away several years ago.

The launch of the book took place early this month in Mauritius in Rose Belle city at the district council with the University's Pro Chancellor presiding over the activities. Other dignitaries included Dassen Parsuramen, former Minister of Education from 1983 to 1995 in Mauritius, Guylane Mara, the new associate of Living Values Education of Réunion Island, former UNICEF representative, Cyril Dalais and many others who are involved with values on the beautiful island of Réunion.

To order the book, please contact Cécile Lecompte at

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USA: LVE on YouTube!

The LVE team in Florida initiated “TheLivingvaluesusa” channel on YouTube and has posted more than 20 clips.  You may wish to create a “Livingvalueseducationyourcountry” channel as well!  To see some of the videos posted, please link below. You can also find them by searching The Living Values USA.

Many thanks to the LVE team in Florida for spreading the word!

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Children Participate Around the World
Click on the link below for inspiring poetry from students in Brazil, art from Egypt and Great Britain along with second graders handling Conflict Resolution the LVE way.

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