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USA California

“Living Values Education in Prison” 12 week workshop prepares offenders to become providers, leaders, and examples for their families and communities.

Living Roughly 130,000 individuals are incarcerated in the California Department of Correction, not only does California have one of the highest incarceration rate, nearly two-thirds of the 43,000 people released each year will return to prison within the first 3 years of their release. A factor in this high recidivism rate is a disconnection from values. Values are the guiding principles or compass that is always available to us if only we are willing to connect to them. What we value determines what life means to us and what action we take.

“Living Values Education combines a unique blend of experiential activities and practical methodologies that address dynamic criminogenic needs, factors that contribute to and cause crime. For instance, irresponsibility, impulsiveness, poor behaviour controls, and lack of remorse are factors in all crimes.

The “Living Values Education in Prison” workshop addresses these factors and helps participants re-connect with and clarify their values, rebuilding self esteem through aligning them with the 12 Universal Values needed for pro-social living and a better world. Furthermore, it gives each participant a sense of community and a support network.“ 

Course moderator, Kris Himmelberger

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