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'Living Values in Business' - new Rainbow Library booklet - July 2019

Of all the Values one would assume are important in the business environment perhaps the Value of Happiness would not be the first that comes to mind, yet as the booklet demonstrates the value of happiness is intrinsic to the wellbeing of very organisation from the mom and pop corner grocery store to the large corporate environment – without happiness in the workplace, employees and management, a multitude of dangerous potentialities emerge to destroy the customer and workmate relationship.

The purpose to this 52 page book is to bring to the attention of LVE facilitators the opportunity of assisting business of all types and size to the importance of values in business, to provide support information and how the material can be used.

What are your experiences? We are pleased to update the booklet with the personal experiences of others. Click here to email us  

Click here to download the Rainbow booklet Living Values in Business -  For Associates, Focal Points and Facilitators