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Support for Our Members: Fields of Opportunity

Fields of Opportunity

....exist in every aspect of humanity – with the homeless, street children, refugees, prison inmates, at risk youth, unseen village schools in so many countries.

Getting Living Values materials in the hands of rural school teachers, orphanages, and parents with children in displaced persons camps, incarcerated rights activists and aid workers in natural disaster areas.....often just a few booklets circulating, offering playful activities can bring light and joy into the world of pain and suffering....

All it takes is a few dollars to supply the new range of Rainbow booklets (see Rainbow Booklet Library under Resources) - small amounts of funding for the inexpensive Rainbow Values Activity booklets make it easy for wider distribution of Values materials than ever before. We can create booklets to meet specific needs in few hours, send the files to our members and they can print locally and distribute where needed....a simple way to make a difference – “Spreading ‘Seeds of Kindness”. 

One 50 page booklet costs less than $4 in most countries.

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