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Brigitte Loercher
Gabriela Reimann

Werte leben in Erziehung und Bildung, Deutschland

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Germany: Special Event, “Network Brain”
27 June 2013 – Kiel-Dietrichsdorf
This special evening program will begin at 7:30. The Living Values Education association in Germany is one of the four organizers of this program exploring potential.

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For more information, contactgermany@livingvalues.net

Living Values Education (LVE) started in Germany in 1997. Since then, a group of teachers and educators throughout Germany has organized the LVE activities together.

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Living Values Germany

Reatreat for mothers and children in Schoenau 2008


  • Since 1999, LVE has been introduced through information seminars in many cities throughout Germany. Educator seminars and trainings began in July 1999. Since then, once or twice a year 3- to 5-day LVE Educator Trainings were offered either especially for educators or educators and parents together.
  • For parents with children or specially mothers with their children 1-day seminars (in Neuruppin) or 3-days retreats (in Berlin) took place.
  • In Muellheim/Freiburg since many years a LVE course for parents is offered which is organised by a parents-child-initiative.
  • Since 2007, the LVE team, coming from different parts of Germany, offered weekend seminars (one weekend with a follow up weekend to claim the LVE certificate) in Berlin, to be more flexible because of the different holiday times in German countries.
Living Values Germany

LV-seminar for educators in Berlin 2008

Jugendhilfetag in Osnabrueck 2004:

Jugendhilf etag in Osnabrück 2004 – Learning to live
Introductions and Presentations

  • LVE was represented and presented in different places on fairs (e.i. Jugendhilfetag in Osnabrueck 2004) , round-tables (i.e. in Berlin) and congresses ("mindfulness" at the university Witten/Herdecke, organised by German Transpersonal Psychology 2006. In the publication of the congress: Psychology of consciousness (Vol.6, LIT Verlag Muenster 2007) LVE is represented with an article about "mindfulness and education: Living Values".
  • In May 2009 LVE was invited to take part in the world-dome-initiative in Regensburg (www.weltendom.de) titled: "Values in change".

LV-seminar for educators in Berlin 2008


  • Since 2006,  LVE is registered as charitable organisation, member of  ALIVE, named: Living Values – Werte leben in Erziehung und Bildung Deutschland (LVD).


  • In a secondary school in Bremen since many years, pupils (age 16/17) participate with values-based projects in an annual youth price named: "No chance for hatred" – this year subtitled: "Different – so what?" This year the class won a price with their self-produced 15-minute video with scenes and self-created songs of  outcast and mobbing experiences of youth. One bodily handicapped pupil contributed his own experience of being ignored by his classmates in his former school. In the play the scene was changed, so that this time he was mastering the situation with self respect telling the others: "( I am) different – so what?" One of the songs in the play was composed and sung as a friendship song for him, which touched him, because he felt respected, valued and his feelings being understood and expressed.  The group decided to donate the whole amount of money they had won for a children-welfare project.
  • A further project in another school can be looked at in the school home-page: (www.ruebekamp.de ).

Mütter-Kind-Retreat in Schönau 2008

Mütter-Kind-Retreat in Schönau 2008
Mütter-Kind-Retreat in Schönau 2008

Mütter-Kind-Retreat in Schönau 2008

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