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Students Participate
PoEticidade: valores, poesia e outros sentimentos
PoEticidade: Values​​, poetry and other feelings


Alguém no planeta.
Chame o poeta!
Vamos preservar o planeta.
Chamem o poeta!
Vamos ajudar o planeta.
Chamem o poeta!
Vamos limpar o planeta.
Chamem o poeta!
Vamos destruir a violência no planeta.
Chamem o poeta!

Igor de Lima
A collection of poems by LVE students from High School Maria José Medeiros, Fortaleza, Brazil, was recently published in a book. A few of the poems, originally written in Portuguese, are below.

Values sculpture from West Kidlington School in Oxfordshire, U.K.
This is a miracle
Original drawing from students of West Kidlington School, Oxford, U.K.
The children designed the sculpture and made it being guided by sculptress Wendy Marshall. It is now a magnificent bronze positioned at the entrance of the school.

The sculpture represents the children's values holding up the world.

The children defined a number of the values that are carved on the block.

  • Unity is one big family - Charlotte, age 6
  • Love can shine inside even when it rains - Laura, age 9
  • Care is a feeling of respect and love all rolled into one - Clare, age 7
  • If you give Peace the whole world will be like heaven - Tom, age 10


Omar Osama participated in a peaceful world drawing event.
Omar is 7-year old student in the Sadat City Language School in Egypt.
  Thank you, Psychologist Heba Samy for sending us Omar’s beautiful work.


Dina and Mariam share experiences

These second-grade girls shared their experiences with conflict resolution which they learned as part of LVE with Mrs. Rula Kahil.  Mrs. Kahil reported that her second-graders were able to successful deal with any conflicts with their conflict resolution skills!


An LVE slide show of values from Escola M. Jose Medeiros, a secondary school in Fortaleza, was created by Professor Paulo Barros and his students.  The pictures in this power point presentation were drawn by high school student, Josias Jerônimo.
The following artwork and poem, shown in Portugese and English
were created by a 15-year old student in Brazil who has been
doing the LVASC lessons.
Mistérios da Paz by Gilson de Souza Santos

PAZ negra dos negros
PAZ branca dos brancos
PAZ verde das matas
PAZ azul dos oceanos
PAZ marron das terras
PAZ amarela das riquezas
A PAZ é tudo o que nós temos q
ue ter em nossos
É pura bobagem falar que a cor da PAZ é branca.
Conserve a PAZ em seu interior e o mundo agradece.

Mysteries of Peace by Gilson de Souza Santos

Black PEACE of the Negros
White PEACE of the Whites
Green PEACE of the jungles
Blue PEACE of the oceans
Brown PEACE of the lands
Yellow PEACE of the wealths
The PEACE is all we have to have in our hearts.
It´s non sense to say that the color of PEACE is the white color.
Hold the PEACE inside you and the world will be grateful.

Children of the Association of Assistance to Minors of Olinda (AMO),
Pernanbuco will participate in the contest 'Draw me Peace.
The children who drew them are from the super-needy communities of Olinda; (if they were not at the AMO school, the would all be in the street) they are children from a highly violent neighbourhood atmosphere, considered children of high risk. Thanks to Living Values Education, they have become aware that they should change acts of violence for acts of peace. These drawings are from their own creativity, because they believe in Peace. The children, now, are making a conscientious effort to work with their families.

The World Needs Peace

by: Thiago Henrique - 6 years
Jean Junior - 7 years
Mirian Ferreira - 6 years

Peace For Nature

by: Jorge Augusto - 7 years
Lucio Flavio - 6 years
Gabriela of Silva - 6 years

Peace For The Community 

by: Eduardo Gomes - years
Ingryd Poliane - 6 years
Jonatan Aristeu - 6 years

Peace For The Sea 

by Jorge Moreira - 5 years
Indian Suzan - 4 years
Ednaldo Gomes - 5 years

Young 'Peacful World Artists'

by: Lison Vaccari - 7 years
"Peace is to stay quiet without fighting,
to give respect in order to have peace."

by: Nassima Monny-Binder - 7 years
"Peace is to give a smile and make
others happy."

by: Lea Sarthou-Vabat - 4 years

by: Yannick Favorel - 12 years

Brigitte Lörcher, teacher in a secondary school in Bremen wrote:
Last year a 16 year old pupil wrote after finishing the peace-project:

"For me the most important experience was, that the core of human nature is good and that we all could live in peace, because this good potential lies within us. What made this realisation so wonderful for me is, that we still can believe in the goodness of human beings and I gained hope, that it will become real one day, that we use our positive inner values and return to our origin, that we live in harmony together without hurting one another or - in terms of death - without taking God's reins in our hands."

Hong Kong
Here are a few stories from a ten session English class with a group of Cantonese speaking twelve year olds in a government school in Hong Kong. Most of the sessions were on the Living Values (Peace, Respect, and Happiness). They learnt English through the discussions, stories, songs, and games. They said they were very happy and learned a lot.

Hong Kong students share their experiences
  • Once upon a time, there was a rich man who always unhappy because his money was not enough for him. He wanted money and presents. One day he saw a poor man but he was happy. He ask the poor man why he was so happy. The poor man said, "if your think of someone who poor than you will not being sad. "The rich man was happy now because he think he was very lucky in the world.
  • Happy is a good thing because if you happy, you will be healthy. When are we happy? When we have helped someone needs help, we will happy. So we shall help enthusiasm people.
  • How to be happy? It is very easy. At first you should love your father and mother, then you go learning and increase your knowledge. Next you can play with your friend at the free time. At last your friend, mother and father will love you very much.
    Chang Hang Hong
  • If you want to get peace, first we must not argue and fight for things with each other. And then you must speak to each other politely, and love another kindly. If you can do that, argument will settle and you will get peace.
    Tsu Yun Kwan Hong Kong students share their experiences
  • Once upon a time there was a land where there was no peace. the people in thisland were always fighting and there was always bad wars. They couldn't sleep at night and read any books. They usually argued when they were discussing. Finally, they knew they did wrong so they stopped fightingand arguing. Since then the land doesn't have wars. The people can sleep and read book. They are happy and the land is peace.
    Wan Yuen Ting 
  • If there is a peaceful Hong Kong, people will not saying loudly and they will very quiet. They will keep the radio and television sound or voice quietly and there won't be traffic jam. There will not have birds and airplanes again. And the earth will be very silent.
    Chung Hang Hong

At the Design Academy in Eindhoven it is compulsory for first year students to attend the Respect values class.

Students are aged between 16-22. In 3 blocks of 4 classes they become familiar with the difference between material tools and immaterial tools. These immaterial tools, inner tools, are the 12 values of the LVE through which they learn to express respect for the self (first block), respect for the environment (second) and (third) respect for the future in matter. 

"In the future everyone is happy. My way to make it happen now is to give a smile."

Their vision of the future is expressed in a hat and was presented in the Vision Fashion Show - The world on your head - in December 1999. 60 students participated.

Just before starting the final show
of the second trimester, Future Music, in March 2000.

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