ALIVE Working Groups

Would you like to join us?

Our four ALIVE Working Groups have space available for any member who would like to get involved in the expansion and development of ALIVE and Living Values Education.

We welcome your involvement.

Download Mandate of Working Groups - January 2018 - .pdf

Initial Mandate of Working Groups

Please select from the ALIVE Working Groups below and direct your communication with the appropriate convener.

Teaching and Learning Content and Pedagogy  - Resources Working Group
Convener: Raj Miles - email

  1. Classroom publications and other teaching/learning materials in hard copy, full/abbreviated (“Rainbow booklet”) and online format, include Distance Learning Course and other educational, self-development and study group resources.

  2. Revising and updating the existing five main books and preparing them for self-publishing by ALIVE

  3. Pedagogy; standards and content of workshops and courses; accreditation of facilitators

  4. Books, new ideas, resources and materials, updating, editing and approval of content to respond to learners’ needs and education’s current tasks

  5. Living Green Values & content supportive of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  6. Values and Islam; cyber-bullying, social inclusion, human rights, etc.

  7. Monitoring and Evaluation; maintaining records of research on LVE

  8. Content of Associates’ resources pages on website

  9. Liaison with designer regarding design and layout of books, booklets and other materials


Communications Working Group
Convener: Raj Miles - email

  1. Defining the purpose of the website, what do we want to communicate and what action do we want readers to take after visiting the site

  2. Content of website and newsletter

  3. PR, branding, publicity, promotional brochure

  4. Social media, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn; mobile phone apps

  5. Overview of and response to enquiries to contact email addresses on website

  6. Liaison with webmaster including regarding design of website and newsletter

  7. Best use of country email addresses and policy for other Living Values Education email addresses, including generic names


Partnership and External Relations Working Group
Convener: Hendrina Khanyile - email

  1. Funding, sponsorship and friend-raising to cover ALIVE’s admin and management costs and provide a platform for Associates’ funding requests

  2. Criteria and evaluation of possible funders and of requests for funding

  3. Creating and maintaining a funding template

  4. Relationships with former, current and potential supporting bodies and organisations

  5. Liaison with Treasurer regarding budget and finances


Membership Support and Relations Working Group
Convener: Bich Ha Nguyen - email

  1. Outreach to, liaison with and support for Associates and Focal Points

  2. Coordinate and support regional support structure under which Board members oversee Associate and FP activities in each region of the world, maintain contact with them, keep informed as to their activities and respond to requests for guidance and support as appropriate and practicable

  3. Initial review of new Associate/FP applications and assistance in making of applications

  4. Liaison with Vinai (email) to assist Associates/FPs to access country email accounts

  5. Manage and update contact details database

  6. Liaise with Associates and FPs regarding Membership Regulations, Guidelines for Associates and LVE Approach

  7. Handle requests for financial/other assistance; monitoring and follow-up